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    @adelina_sophia I’ve had Flora Marguerite Plum in my signature for a while now but I recently changed Plum to Eve. And thank you, I’m glad you like them! Your Magdalena Ruby is catching my eye — she’s so elegant!
    Edith Olivia Nell
    Alice Phillipa Juno ❀ Flora Marguerite Eve
    Beatrix Thisbe Lilac
    Eugenie Margot Honey ❀ Helena Florence Opal
    Josephine Ada Lily

    Edmund Thomas Kit
    August Sebastian Leslie ☾ Casper Frederick Linden
    Robin Theodore Ives
    Bruno Vincent Claude
    Hugo Alexander Poet
    Wilbur Barnaby March

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    @gia.berry Flora Marguerite Eve is so lovely -sleek and elegant
    Sarai Matilda|Romilly Charlotte|Ginevra Snow|Ilaria Winter
    Ezra Apollo|Tristan Rafferty|Sholto Felix|Otto Elias

    NB 'most hated' names...
    Paisley Nevaeh|Everleigh Kadence|London Poppy|Riley Peyton
    Cherish Emilie|Ireland Kinsley|Sloane Elliette|Emerson Katie
    Addison Crystal|Kelly Reign|Lulu Patricia|Charlie Snowe

    More names!

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    A while ago I saw Leonardo Amadeus which really struck me as so beautiful and regal.
    As for girls names, Cecilia Rome is another winner in my eyes.

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    London, England
    @yggdrasil: Freja Solveig is gorgeous.
    @rorawhale: Coralie November and Ronan Matteo are both gorgeous.
    @daniellepemble: Atticus John is stunning.

    Quote Originally Posted by gia.berry View Post
    @adelina_sophia I’ve had Flora Marguerite Plum in my signature for a while now but I recently changed Plum to Eve. And thank you, I’m glad you like them! Your Magdalena Ruby is catching my eye — she’s so elegant!
    You're welcome and thank you! I'm glad you like her
    Teenberry | Amateur Photographer and editor | Human to cats Toffee & Fudge

    Adelina Joy ♡ Magdalena Ruby ♡ Edith Matilda ♡ Helena Margot ♡ Ophelia Maeve ♡ Anneliese Charlotte ♡ Sienna Giselle
    Leo Xavier ☆ Alexander George ☆ Isaac Peregrine ☆ Harry Lysander ☆ Arthur James ☆ Arlo Sebastian ☆ Viggo Florian ☆ Nicholas Ivor

    Crushes: Camilla + Stella + Mara
    GP Crushes: + Noelia + Cosette + Aglaé + Lupin + Eulalio

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    Quote Originally Posted by grackym View Post
    @kendallariana Love seeing Amalia Caroline in your sig, I think Amalia's an underused gem. I also love Thea Leonore
    Thank you! I love Owen Shepherd and Kai Emerson.

    @jonquils: Lucy Marigold Blythe is so gorgeous.

    @sleeping-beauty: Sofia Isabelle, Sadie Clementine, and Isaiah James are so charming!

    Quote Originally Posted by lavenderwitch View Post
    I think that's the first time in my life I've ever been accused of coolness, hahaha! I love how sleek, elegant, and feminine your girls' names are. They're mostly timeless classics, but with combos or spellings that give them a modern edge. I especially like Lidia Avonlea, Lucie Eleanor, Noa Josephine and Thea Leonore. Your boys' names are quite dashing, especially Grant Sebastian, Jack Mercer, Wilder, and Atticus.
    Haha thank you!

    @fairyrose: I always love Margo Charlotte Belle, Brontë Amelia, Oliver Henry Forest, and Jasper August Finn.

    @sarah11: I'm in love with Adelaide Flora Bea, Henry Alistair Finn, Miles Alexander Reid, and Atticus Hugo Wilder!

    @princess porcelain: Arielle Viola and Odelia Rowan are beautiful.

    @celes: Adaline Freya Leonore, Adelaide Viola Wren, and Julian Spencer Rome are so elegant.

    @daffodils and sunflowers: Léa Soleil is stunning!

    @eagleeyes: Thames Cove, Theodore Finn, Toby Kit, Téa Quinn are so adorable!

    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    @kendallariana - I love Thea Leonore, Lia Violet, Fiona Camille, Lidia Avonlea, Grant Sebastian, Jack Gideon, Liam Eliseo, and Mira! :P
    Thank you! I like Emme Rosemary, Adalia Mae, and Maris Jane

    amalia sadie - elijah kieran
    carmen ophelia - elliot henry

    fiona camille - grant sebastian
    lia violet - jack gideon
    lidia avonlea - james luca

    lucie eleanor - liam eliseo
    margot liora - mila genevieve
    noa josephine - sabette helena

    thea leonore - willa sutton

    crushes: mira, catherine, nadia, and bader
    wilder, atticus, reid

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