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    Quote Originally Posted by aroha View Post
    @sky85 so many of your names are just my style. I am in love with Ambrose Lucian Hale! And Ottilie Evangeline Wren.
    Thank you! Not only do I love your children's names, I also really like your: Indira, Aurelia, Novara, Ariadne, Isolde, Violetta, Alistair, Ambrose, Atticus, Lucian, Robin, Atlas & Rainer
    Toryn Matthew Stone➵Vivian James Maxwell➵Gunner Dean Hendrix➵Kayne Loran Archer➵Thayer Jude Hadeon➵Ambrose Lucian Hale➵Gaige Michael Abbott➵Jensen Connor Atreyu➵Severin Oskar Grey➵Castiel Auryn Thomas➵Sabin Emery Shaw➵River Benjamin Wolfe➵Dorian Arrow Page➵Brook Sebastian Winter➵Draven Idris Lane

    Olwyn Felicity Jane➵Laken Akela Blythe➵Willow Genevieve Grace➵Eowyn Isabelle Lark➵Ottilie Evangeline Wren➵Evelyn Arrietty Maeve➵Heulyn Eleanor Rose

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    I'm glad you do! I know I saw it somewhere on name boards years ago, probably even on Nameberry, so it's not like I came up with it in a name vacuum lol, but I'm glad you like it! Other unexpected names I've heard of with the nn Tess: Beatrice and Elisabeth! Who'd have thought it?!

    Oh, I really like Tess for Elisabeth too! Though there are so many other Elisabeth nicknames I adore as well, haha.

    Adalyn Taylor and Bentley Waylon are my favorites from your North Carolina combos- I just love Waylon!
    considering for the girls
    Arden Bev . Arlie Tessa . Charlotte Wisteria . Clara Tova . Elaia Phoebe
    Harper Nina . Ivy Naya . Linley Catalina . Lottie Emelia . Mahala Wildrose
    Matilda Thursday . Mattie Frances . Nico Amadea . Thea Natalia . Zoe Naia

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