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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkleninja18 View Post
    @geeknamezyo, I am intrigued by Madoc Orion! I've never heard Madoc before but I really like it!
    Thanks, Abby! I've gotten into Welsh names lately and I like the way Madoc is sort of a dignified middle ground between ancient, clunky Madog and trendy Maddox. I'm loving the latest incarnation of your signature, especially Lucia Daphne, Cleo Rhiannon, and pretty much your entire boys' section.

    Quote Originally Posted by adelina_sophia View Post
    @geeknamezyo: Viola Mireille is beautiful!
    Thank you I was hesitant about the switch to that, so I'm glad it's getting positive feedback. And I'm lowkey in love with your GPs, especially Ludivine and Ptolemy. Soooo cool.

    Quote Originally Posted by aielbereth View Post
    @geeknamezyo I really love your Sancia Blue. It's just so, so incredibly gorgeous. It's also really nice to say (if I am pronouncing it right, that is)
    Thanks! As far as I've heard/seen, Sancia is pronounced sahn-cha. I like that it's girly and elegant but also reminiscent of Sancho Panza And I love the ways you've used Cedric, Elodie, Cassia, and Lux in your combos! They're all so perfectly placed.

    Quote Originally Posted by norin View Post
    @geeknamesyo Celia Belle and Willow Alianora are stunningly beautiful! Also, Dash Apollo is handsome!
    Thank you! You have so many awesome names in your sig; I especially love seeing Tali and Amada.
    g w e n

    Viola Mireille Sancia Blue Cosima Vale Zara Fionnuala
    Dash Apollo Madoc Orion Mars Auberon Kieran Atlas

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    @love-dream-laugh: Endymion Grey is so cool! I LOVE seeing uncommon mythological names, and Grey is such a perfect MN.

    I'm also loving @wittyusername103's Coral Gabriella Lucy and Sabrina Indigo
    ✨ alexandra selene (lexie) 16 year old ballet dancer ✨

    trying out some russian names:

    irina lumi shea larisa madeleine lilia eva corinne
    galina fleur sofia linden marina juliet
    elena severine anastasia coral vera amandine
    olesya november svetlana iris olga seraphine
    maia calandra valeria orchid ekaterina violette
    nadia cybele tatiana amelie natalia june
    nadezhda manon tamara altalune oksana camille

    see more here

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    Quote Originally Posted by pliechassereleve View Post
    @love-dream-laugh: Endymion Grey is so cool! I LOVE seeing uncommon mythological names, and Grey is such a perfect MN.
    Thank you! I first heard Endymion in a book, and I fell in love with it's quirky sound. I adore Camille Rose and Anna Silvea from your list.
    Name loving BritBerry

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    Quote Originally Posted by evelinrose View Post
    I love Arthur Valentine Grey! It's so striking!
    Thank you I like your Ciel Antonio Prosper!

    Quote Originally Posted by otri View Post
    @sunrisemeadow Celia Primrose is gorgeous. Aloysius Ingram also sounds handsome and studious.

    @millia Lily Odette and Caspian Sage are perfect.
    Thanks! I adore your James Icarus and Alexander Jove, they are stunning

    Quote Originally Posted by elixir View Post
    @otri, Viviana Moon, Sylvia Tulip and Florian Asa are all breathtaking.

    @millia, Lily Odette is perfection.

    @evelinrose, I'm so happy to see someone else who likes Hunter on a girl. I also love Felix Ivan from your boy's list. Wow.
    Thanks so much! Your Daisy Elowen is gorgeous as well!

    Quote Originally Posted by dearest View Post
    Valo Conrad - Love seeing Valo, Conrad grounds it beautifully!
    Juno Marceline - Marceline gets around too little, this is lovely ^^
    Thanks! You have so many beauties in your signature! I especially love Samuel Vesper
    Florence, Rosalind & Victoria

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    @norin: Thanks! I love your Alaska Rose. I've had a huge soft spot for Alaska and it's on my long list. I also love Anna Story, Aria Scout, Lila Snow, Quinn Aurora (love Quinn), River Atticus and Sawyer Everett.

    @laugh-dream-love: Thank you. Freya Hero is lovely, I also really like to see Sunflower as a middle name! It has beautiful imagery.

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