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    Quote Originally Posted by evelinrose View Post
    @dearest: Loving Alaïs Antimony Blythe. Antimony used to be on my own list. I still love it~
    Thanks! I got Antimony from a favourite webcomic of mine, Gunnerkrigg Court. ^^
    I love Onyx Liliana Hunter and Arsinoë Artemis Runa of yours, and I love seeing Blythe, Elzbieta, Lovino, Pallas, Nightshade and Ciel, and FINALLY someone else who likes Avalon for a boy

    Quote Originally Posted by chrisco View Post
    Thank-you! I know, I always end up with the same combos! Soon I'm going to experiment with a few GP's that I'm incredibly in love with. By the way, I adore your Dido Nuala Foxglove and Samuel Vesper. Both are stunning. Glad to see Nightingale and Melusine, too.
    Thank you! ^^ I love Dido so much <3
    I'm kind of envious about how you stick to the same names though, I've never managed to make a shorter list than a top 20 and that only lasted a month or so....
    I'm excited to see what you come up with for your GP's! I've been eyeing Leodegraunce and Bensiabel for a while, the latter is on my own lists and I would love to see what you pair it with!

    Quote Originally Posted by ottertails View Post
    Thank you, @dearest! Your comment made my day. Your signature is always wonderful and gives me so many names to explore. Alaïs Antimony Blythe, Coren Iroko Nightingale, Annachie Casimir Lio, Elodin Emmanuel Sparrow, Freya Thorn, Cora Idris, Ivo Seren, and Conrad Bronte! They are all so wonderful. A lot of names I love, and some new ones to learn. Elodin is interesting, I like that, at least in my head, the pronunciation is similar to Elladan from LOTR.
    You're welcome!
    Elodin is from The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss, he's one of my favourite characters there and I love the soft, feminine feel of the name... Where in LOTR is Elladan? I haven't read Silmarillion yet, but plan to this winter.. I pronounce the -lo- of Elodin like the -lo- in Elowen or Paloma, but I realise my relationship to vowels is greatly coloured by the fact that we have three (or four) extra ones in Norway and they all sound very different from one another and are FAR from interchangeable like they seem in English...

    Quote Originally Posted by dreamingoffireflies View Post
    @dearest, I am in love with Lucia Felix! How are you pronouncing Lucia? Marian Emrys and Freya Thorn are additionally suuper cool and spunky.
    Thank you, I've missed you around here! I love your Miles Henry Isidore <3
    I'm pronouncing it loo-SEE-uh, which is how it's pronounced in Norway. I wanted to play with some names I love on the opposite gender, I made a long list a while back and I finally found time to play with it a little. Lucia Felix is my favourite as well, it was the first one that clicked into place for me.

    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    @dearest, I loveloveLOVE your Samuel Vesper! I've never even considered it for a boy--I've always thought of it as a girls' name--but it totally works here, and he's so handsome. I also love Helena Heath, Asher Alva, and Lucia Felix! I would have never been a proponent of Felix on a girl, either, but Lucia Felix is so happy and spunky. I don't think the same effect would have been reached with Lucia Felicity or Lucia Felixa, etc. And Sylvia Elmo! So fun. Cora Idris is very nice, too.
    Thanks Ash ^^ Glad to have broadened your mind a bit (to channel some Trelawney)!
    Lucia and Felix were meant for each other. Glad you like Sylvia Elmo, I'm sure I could do a little better with Elmo for a girl, but Sylvia feels right enough for now. I've loved Elmo for years and years for a boy but I haven't found one other person who does. I thought maybe for a girl it would shake things up a bit, remove it from Sesame Street and such. (I love it as a nickname for Emmanuel / Emmanuelle as well )
    I love your Jude Augustin, Ashby Philip and Zephyr Samuel. Love what unusual Zephyr and Ashby do for classic Samuel and Philip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adelina_sophia View Post
    @eoxima: Saskia Willow is gorgeous. This isn't exactly a name compliment but I also love your profile picture, did you take it?
    Thanks, Adelina! And unfortunately not, it's of Shantel VanSanten (who played Quinn James in One Tree Hill, a main role in The Final Destination, and Patty Spivot in The Flash). I love it too!

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    I haven't visited this thread for a long time but it was worth coming back - there soo many amazing names!

    @geeknamesyo Celia Belle and Willow Alianora are stunningly beautiful! Also, Dash Apollo is handsome!
    @sparkleninja18 Elliot Magnus and Memphis Grey are amazing!
    @eoxima Saskia Willow is such a wonderful work of art and I also love Jude Emerson!
    @aielbereth Isabella Avalon Rose and Aria Juniper Lily are charming combos! Though I'm not a fan of Ezra, your Ezra Auden James amazes me. Also, Remus Jasper is adorable!
    @laugh-dream-love I adore your Digby Harrison, it is such a magnificent combo!
    @jrideout Ellington Grayce is gorgeous! I love Ellington, it's fun and sweet with an amazing jazzy vibe. Sawyer Grey is handsome, too!
    @martienew Evie Florence is magic!
    @lovelace I'm in love with Charlie Sparrow and Rupert Willow! These combos would make the most adorable sibset ever!
    @superllama Lyla Winter, Maisie Bear and Emerson Grey are lovely!
    @otri I love your Silas Ethan and River Solomon!
    @elixir Cecily Vesper and Emerson Hawthorne are amazing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dearest View Post
    Thanks! I got Antimony from a favourite webcomic of mine, Gunnerkrigg Court. ^^
    I love Onyx Liliana Hunter and Arsinoë Artemis Runa of yours, and I love seeing Blythe, Elzbieta, Lovino, Pallas, Nightshade and Ciel, and FINALLY someone else who likes Avalon for a boy
    Awh, thank you! I actually do like Avalon on girls too, but I seem to prefer it on boys. It's constantly finding it's way onto my signature.~
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    @evelinrose - Rosamund Fawn has been a favourite of mine for a good while now. I have recently starting liking Pallas too, it's a pretty but strong name.
    @chrisco - Thank you. Marguerite Alienor has been intriguing me, I am unsure about how to pronounce Alienor though?
    @adelina_sophia - Thank you! Your Edith Matilda and Harry Lysander are just adorable.
    @norin - Thank you. I am not 100% on Harrison as a middle for Digby, but I'm glad you like it. Your Astoria Winter is adorable, and Rufus Wilder is incredibly handsome.
    @eoxima - Maeve Emilia and Jude Emerson are very cute.
    @dearest - Ivo Seren is handsome, I've never considered Seren for a boy before but I quite like it. Dido Nuala Foxglove is lovely as well, not all of them are names I'd choose but together they are wonderful.
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