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    Someone on here has a sibset of Skander and Drake...and someone else has a daughter named Azula (unusable for me due to the despicable character on 'Avatar: The Last Airbender', but a beautiful name nonetheless).
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    I once saw the name Ever August Rose in a signature once, and I remember thinking, 'Wow, that is a BEAUTIFUL combination!' Boom, a perfect guilty pleasure was born.
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    I'm seconding Henry Atlas. And from memory he had a sister named Margot Story, which I though was stunning, too.
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    In one of the more recent birth announcement posts, I absolutely positively completely swooned over William Balthazar and Catherine Ophelia as siblings.

    From a couple posts/signatures (I can't remember whose), I LOVE Eliora Mercy and Cordelia Eilonwy Snow. I saw them quite a while back but haven't forgotten them because I think they are just so pretty! The second one is not at all the sort of name I'd use, but still, just wow.
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    Even though I don't really like Rosalie or Elizabeth, I saw someone who put them together and I went WOW! It's honestly one of the prettiest pairings I have ever heard. Whoever is naming their kid Rosalie Elizabeth is going to have a lucky kid.
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