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    There are so many names on nameberry that stop and make me go WOW! we have some great namers here.

    The one that sticks out to me that was born recently belongs to @moonkai's son, Sequoia Orion.

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    I saw the name Aurora Juliet in a signature recently and fell in love. I wish I could remember whose signature it was!

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    Somebody made a combo suggestion a while back of Sybil Arietta and I fell in love immediately.
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    Azula Rosemary and Indira Coral belonging to a Berry named Katie, they are not necessarily my style but I like them a lot and think they are very elegant yet spunky.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mariemama View Post
    Henry Atlas & Margot Story are my kiddos! I love their names so much, it makes me giddy that you like them! I had the hardest time coming up with a name for my baby girl that would be as good as Henry Atlas.
    Those make me go WOW! I'm always a fan of a more traditional first with a more daring middle. Both firsts are what I call "little old lady/ little old man" names. Spunky but traditional firsts that age well. :-)

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    OH, and someone - bonfireazalea? - has kids named Juniper and Pyrus, which I find absolutely stunning.
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    I came across some pretty amazing combos on NB, but I really was WOW!-ed by the names @Millia chose for her girls: Florence Afton Eugenia and Rosalind Eva Louise.
    Those are some swoon-worthy names
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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    OH, and someone - bonfireazalea? - has kids named Juniper and Pyrus, which I find absolutely stunning.
    Haha, that's not Azalea; I think it's nymphalis.antiopa? I've always admired those too.
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    Azula Rosemary was always my favorite and I also like the pairing with Indira Coral.

    Another berry had a Phoebe and needed help with a second daughter who ended up being Susannah. I don't remember the middles off hand but I loved those sister names.

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    Oooh I do love your kids' names! My daughter is also Margot and I'm due with another girl this Spring. Struggling to find another spunky but beautiful name that will age well and wow me like Margot does. I think you might be a good person for name inspiration. Henry Atlas is an awesome name too.

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