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    @sparkleninja18 Schuyler Vivienne may be my favourite Schuyler combo!
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    Quote Originally Posted by prettygirl
    @erulassearanel, is Felicity Ariella Thyme new? She's lovely!
    She is, and thank you!

    @oiseau I love your naming style! Hannelore Moon caught my eye especially, I'm glad to see Hannelore used because I have a bit of a soft spot for it and it's so unusual. Moon as a middle is growing on me, I see it used so well in so many combos.
    Tillie Rune and Maisie Eluned are lovely as well in the way they combine a simple, sweet first name with something more elegant.

    @namenerd2000 Lilia Story and Pearl Rosemary are stunning!

    @brigx Jayda Louise Storm has so much spirit!

    @nooshi I love your Esther Mirabelle (both names I love), Josephine Dove (usually don't like Josephine but she is so gentle and peaceful) and Susanna Daisy (sunny, classic and, I hate to use this adjective again because I overuse it, sweet).
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    @evelinrose - Primrose Aurelia Fawn is every shade of beautiful!!

    @erulassearanel - Felicity Ariella Thyme is gorgeous. I especially love Felicity ___ Thyme - she sounds so sweet and timid and gentle and mouse-like, and Ariella just adds a shade of elegance and 'breeding'.
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    Cair Paravel :)
    @morning_glory - is Finnian Osprey Keir new? I'm swooning over here!

    Quote Originally Posted by nuttymussel View Post
    @ashthedreamer - thank you so much! I love your Emmeline Poppy Felice
    Thank you! I don't think she's actually going to stick--I love the meaning of Felice, and the sound of the full thing, but I don't like the way Felice looks. I like other forms--like Felicity, Felix, and Felicien/Felicjan--more. Unfortunately. But Poppy Felicity doesn't sound the best. :P

    Quote Originally Posted by lawsonhaley View Post
    Thanks Ash!! That's actually hilarious about Abigail Charlotte - Charlotte Abigail was on my list eons ago (like 2 years???) actually, which is where I got the idea from!!

    I do still like Reese Alexandria, but it feels a little incomplete as I fell in love with Reese Alexandria Violet I was thinking of maybe Reese Olivia or Reese Elizabeth? Nothing seems to work with Reese, LOL.
    I actually like Reese Olivia and Reese Elizabeth a lot! I read a novela with a Reese Mackenzie in it, which seemed to work well, although it is very unisex. But Mackenzie was her surname, so I don't know if that counts. :P I think Reese Arabella or Reese Felicity or Reese Clara or even Reese Eliana would be pretty?

    Quote Originally Posted by luneth View Post
    Haha I'm right there with you having a trouble choosing between similar sounding names. I tend to just leave all in the long list too, as I am no where near having an actual child. I do think, however, that I know deep down which one is higher on the list. I have Isabelle and Annabelle, for example. Isabelle is in the top three but I am just unable to eliminate Annabelle completely. Do you, deep down in your heart, know which one you'll eventually pick too, or actually love them all just the same?

    Ah, I'll miss Eva Madelief Kate -this is the combo that made me fall in love with Madelief, a rare beauty that I now use for my Aurelia. but Eva Magnolia Jane and Eva Clemency are super pretty too.
    Erm, I do know I prefer Eva and Evangeline to Genevieve, but I don't know that I am 100% sure I'd use Eva over Evangeline, or vice versa. Even though there are no literal ties, Evangeline just FEELS like stained-glass art to me, which my mom used to do, so I love that tie to it, plus, I can just always call her Eva and have the sentimental tie, too. At this point, I'm leaning toward Evangeline Dagny, but I do really love Eva Magnolia, too. I think it may be because I LOVE Eva Magnolia as a combo so much that I'm now doubting Evangeline Dagny? But I feel like they belong together. I don't know haha.

    And I know! I'm hoping to find another spot for Madelief--I do really adore her.

    Quote Originally Posted by eoxima View Post
    I'd have to say for your specific signature 'taste', Adelaide Elena Jolie. But that's a lot of L's. I'm biased with Adelaide Iris as that's been my combo for years, so I think she's a beauty, too. Adelaide Sofia Esme is lovely as well.
    Really? For some reason, Adelaide Iris Jolie feels more like me to me. Then again, I've never been a HUUUUUGE fan of Elena. I like Eliana, Eliora, Eloisa, Eleni, Elise/Elisa, and Eliza all much more than her. I just like the idea of her because it's the Italian form of my sister's mn, and Italy is one of her favorite places in the entire world. Plus, I think I like the effect of the stronger Iris in between Adelaide and Jolie, which both feel pretty soft to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by lovemysweeties View Post
    @ Ash

    Rowan and Theodore just seem to be meant to go together in a combo.
    Thanks, lovely! With Rowan Theodore, I sort of miss Rowan Joshua, but I love Rowan Theodore, too! I'm experimenting with options. Like with many other combos. :P I also like Rowan Theodore Lion, but I'm not sure about the flow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nuttymussel View Post
    I meant for Genevieve, haha, but I'm in LOVE with the name Alba. I blame The Time Traveller's Wife...
    I did think that, LOL. Right over my head. But for Genevieve with Alba, I go with the English.

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