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    Quote Originally Posted by tranquilstars View Post
    Annora Piper has me swooning!
    Thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by morning_glory View Post
    Thank you! I actually really like your Louisa Brooke - very original, but in a quiet, gentle fashion that quite steals my heart. And I have to agree with the people who have already complimented Nathaniel Emrys - great combo!
    Thank you so much!

    @kizzy_delgado: I absolutely love Eloisa Pearl! Such a sweet and lovely combo.
    the o's

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    Quote Originally Posted by morning_glory View Post
    @millia - I feel like I'm suddenly noticing your girls' combos for the first time. Mary Ophelia, Lily Verona, Isabella Gwenore - beautiful! [I really have to applaud Mary as a FN. She deserves so much more love!] Actually, I just noticed Samuel Echo too, so add that to the list.
    Thank you so much! I adore your Edith Lavender, btw! So stunning

    Quote Originally Posted by -eagleeyes- View Post
    @millia: I absolutely adore Javi Amaryllis! I don't see Amaryllis often for a boy, but I love it. Samuel Echo, Henry Icarus, and Sebastian Puck are also wonderful.
    Thanks! Amaryllis for a boy has been a huge crush of mine for a while now, but I never really came across a name to pair it with before. It's quite difficult to pair

    Your Maven Adela, Agnes Eleanor, Nathaniel Emrys, James Forest, Sebastian Clay,
    Elias Joy and Eden Graham are lovely!

    Quote Originally Posted by evelinrose View Post
    @millia Thalia Persephone and Ziva Antigone are both stunning!
    Thank you! I adore Alec Mercutio Foster! Mercutio is a huge namecrush of mine
    Florence, Rosalind & Victoria

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    Atticus Marlowe ▪Simon Verity ▪Findlay Sage ▪Felix Emmanuel

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    Quote Originally Posted by erulassearanel View Post
    I really like Cassian Micah; both Cassian and Micah are on my very short list of boy names.
    Thank you! I originally had Micah as a middle name to honor my uncle but I've started to really love it as a first name too.
    Waddup, I’m Abby, I’m 19, and I never learned how to read.

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    *Honor names


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    @ Abby

    Everly Jane is adorable. Full of spunk. I adore Evie (pronounced both ways) but I would find myself calling her Everly Jane.

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    I have a big list on my laptop but some I noticed today;

    @styro's Ailbhe Lavender, Boudica Ivy, Algernon William and Ruarc Alban
    @foureyedmary's Rose Olivia
    much love and I are waiting for you ...
    Rosemary Alba ''Romy'' / Estella Beatrix / Sibyl Georgia ''Billie''
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