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    Quote Originally Posted by morning_glory View Post
    @luneth - Gwenllian Annika Rose. I do love this - it's sweet and spiky at the same time!
    Thanks a lot. I'll see if this one sticks, but so far I really like it -and that's how I see it too, sweet and spiky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lawsonhaley View Post
    I did add her, yes! I'm currently rotating through various combos on my list, but Maddie Evelyn is still on the long list, just not in my signature Thank you! I can totally see S/O and I with a little Maddie, haha!
    I think Kennedy and Maddie would make a fantastic sibling set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adelina_sophia View Post
    @emmamay: Charlotte Daisy, Lily Magdalena and Oliver Matthew are perfect.
    Thank you!

    @Ash: Rowan Theodore Grey! Love it! And also Sebastian Harbor James. Sure, I have mentioned him before, but might be my favorite of your boys combos.

    @Haley: Courtney Lillian is really sweet

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    Quote Originally Posted by morning_glory View Post
    @lawsonhaley - I love Courtney Lillian!! And Alexandria Violet!! And Abigail Charlotte . . . but the first two most of all. (And I'm glad you've plumped for Trinity Alyssa "Triss", at any rate for the time being.)
    Thank you! I'm unsure on Abigail Charlotte still, I feel like Abigail needs something with a bit more pizzazz? But we'll see! And for now I have, yes :P

    Quote Originally Posted by lovemysweeties View Post
    I think Kennedy and Maddie would make a fantastic sibling set.
    Me too!

    Quote Originally Posted by emmamay View Post
    @Haley: Courtney Lillian is really sweet
    Thanks Emma! Courtney's been a favourite of mine since I was little (much like Kennedy) and Lillian is a family name for me - my great grandmother was Lilian, and my mum swears I'm just like her, haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by handlion View Post
    I'm so glad you like Saoirse Foxglove Wes! It's one of my fave combos but I think people are put off by Wes because it's not "feminine enough." But I'm happy someone else likes the combo! Lasairfhíona is pronounced LASS-ar-EE-na, btw. Also, you totally got my thinking on Quitterie Úna Forest and Hespera Circe Fionnuala!

    I love so many names in your signature! I'm thinking my faves are probably Thisbe Prudence Dove (3 names I absolutely love, and they make for a gentle, lullaby-esque combo while still sounding strong), Linneth Aloisa Honey (Aloisa Honey has such a rich, sweet sound and really balances out with willowy Linneth), and Odessa Clemency Tulip (Odessa has been really growing on me lately, I like how the three names seem to follow a progression from "heaviest" to "lightest" if that makes sense? Strong, rich Odessa to earthy but sweet Clemency to airy, bright Tulip!)
    Thank you so much! I'm glad someone likes Thisbe Prudence Dove; I'd had Cassia Thisbe before but the imagery didn't hold together as well for me.
    Yeah, I had a bit of a namecrush on all three (Odessa, Clemency and Tulip) a few weeks ago. I go through these phases haha - but it's nice when it results in a good combo.

    @amelia1990 I love Ada Lune Meredith so much. Lune is so hauntingly beautiful and reminds me of both the moon and the bird, so I think of mystery, moonlit lakes and birdsong at night. And Elspeth Cordelia Snow is lovely!

    Quote Originally Posted by medfordkung View Post

    @erulassearanel, Cassia Thisbe and Lilwen Astraea
    Thank you! Your Chrysanthemum Helen Pearl is the perfect blend of unusual and classic and sweet and she has so much character (love the nickname Xanthe too) - I think she's a great choice for your possible first daughter!

    Quote Originally Posted by sparkleninja18 View Post
    Thank you! I adore Cassian, he's probably my favorite boy name. My current Cassian combo is Cassian Micah . I just left off middle names for my favorites because I don't currently have one for Maeve. I'd be shocked if I haven't said it before, but I love your Lyra Felicity Aster so much!
    I really like Cassian Micah; both Cassian and Micah are on my very short list of boy names.
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