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    @ Ash
    Thank you so much. You made me fall even more in love with Poppy Elizabeth Margot. I adore your Rowan Theodore Grey. Perfect.

    @ Haley
    Thank you very much. I see you have added Maddie Evelyn. So spunky and beautiful.

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    @Ash, thank you! As I've said, I adore my cousins' names so that is a huge compliment!
    Waddup, I’m Abby, I’m 19, and I never learned how to read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    Thanks! I'm sort of between Avery combos at the moment, and am trying out a lot of things. I think I might sliiiiiiightly prefer Avery Sebastian (which I tried out before Avery Jasper?) to Avery Jasper, but I like Avery Jasper, too! I'm glad you do, too.

    I'm so intrigued by your Ayaz--when I first saw it, I missed that it was in the boys' section, and keep thinking of it as a girls' name, maybe because of Aya? It sounds so cool, though. I also love Balamir, Ibrahim (form of the English Abraham, right?), and Ayla! I'm sure someone has already asked (and if so, I'm sorry for missing it!), but can I ask what Balamir means? It's so cool.
    I like Avery Sebastian and current Avery George too. Honestly Avery seem to work with alot of great names.

    Ayaz means cold weather - also a historical figure from Gaznevid era - Ayaz can be written as Ayas too and IMO the s at the end makes the name more feminine. Ibrahim is indeed the Turkish/Arabic form of Abraham - prophet Abraham/Ibrahim is an important figure in Islam also the name of my maternal uncle. Balamir means the first child or the only child. Bala means child/baby and mir/bir means one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -eagleeyes- View Post
    @morning_glory: I love Rosamund Coppelia Lark and Louis Peregrine!
    Thank you! I actually really like your Louisa Brooke - very original, but in a quiet, gentle fashion that quite steals my heart. And I have to agree with the people who have already complimented Nathaniel Emrys - great combo!

    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    @morning_glory - I love your Frederick Aragon (!!!!), Louis Peregrine, and Arthur Tamerlane!
    I'm glad they meet with your approval Peregrine and Tamerlane have been shifting around all over the place, so I'm relieved to have them in an at least temporary combo. Seriously though, Peregrine - he goes with practically everything!! [And I love Aragon so much I just had to shoe-horn him in somewhere!] I really like Emmeline Poppy, by the way - what pronunciation are you using?

    @luneth - Gwenllian Annika Rose. I do love this - it's sweet and spiky at the same time!

    @tranquilstars - Loving the softness of Mavis Eleanor Grey! Also the idea of the initials M.E.G.

    @kizzy_delgado - I've been meaning to mention Levi Banjo. He sounds just like a green-eyed gypsy tumbler!

    *sighs and edits after all*

    @lawsonhaley - I love Courtney Lillian!! And Alexandria Violet!! And Abigail Charlotte . . . but the first two most of all. (And I'm glad you've plumped for Trinity Alyssa "Triss", at any rate for the time being.)

    @grackym - Amalia Verity and Jairus Flynn are both amazing combos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lovemysweeties View Post
    @ Ash
    Thank you so much. You made me fall even more in love with Poppy Elizabeth Margot. I adore your Rowan Theodore Grey. Perfect.

    @ Haley
    Thank you very much. I see you have added Maddie Evelyn. So spunky and beautiful.
    I did add her, yes! I'm currently rotating through various combos on my list, but Maddie Evelyn is still on the long list, just not in my signature Thank you! I can totally see S/O and I with a little Maddie, haha!

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