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    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    @Haley - I love your Maci Madeleine! I never would have thought to put them together, but it's perfection! I love Macy a ton--I used to consider her all the time to honor my grandmother (whose mn was Mae)--I think Mae might suit my style more, but I personally prefer Macy 100% haha! Savannah Lucy is super sweet, too!
    Thank you! I normally wouldn't have thought of putting them together either, it just kind of happened, haha! I think Macy totally works for you though - or even Maisie?? And thanks for the compliment on Savannah Lucy ! S/O actually likes it too (which thoroughly shocked me!) which is a plus

    @Ariannabeckwith - I love your Eden Alexandra, Catherine Elyse and Isla Amelie!
    @amelia1990 - your Carys Minerva Darcy, Florence Matilda Story and Marigold Iris Louise are beautiful!

    desirae alyssa ✿ stephanie abigail ✿ melissa jayde ✿ tiffany isabella ✿ lindsey olivia ✿ heather amelia ✿ shayla lily ✿ kelly christina
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    Quote Originally Posted by ariannabeckwith View Post
    @trina14: I don't know if I've said this already, but I really like Elyse Rafaela, Rosa Meridel, Cedric Forrester, Winston Matteo, and Logan Emmanuel

    Thank you, I love those combos as well, obv.

    You have beautiful girl's names. I'm head over heels for Carys Avonlea and Lyra Genevieve. I also find Logan Rhys and Ezra Finley to be super handsome!
    Lilacs and Lace: Tatiana Glory ~ Lucina Tempe ~ Eriantha Joelle ~ Judith Cascadia ~ Marissa Jonquil ~ Elyse Rafaela

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    Soulful: Emeric Lir ~ Solomon Yarrow ~ Logan Emmanuel ~ Finnegan Marco ~ Cyrus Falcon ~ Ramiro Lars ~ Vero Samuel

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    Quote Originally Posted by morning_glory View Post
    @medfordkung - Chauncey Olivier . . . of course!

    Thanks again! I wish I could use it...

    Roger Llewelyn Hawk is stunning!!

    Also, here, here! to the love for:

    @eoxima, Jude Bellamy
    @erulassearanel, Cassia Thisbe and Lilwen Astraea
    @myosotis Prosper William Kit
    @rosiemac, August Henry Porfirio


    @evelinrose, thanks for liking Margot Esmerelda.
    @pliechassereleve, thanks for the shout out to Artemisia Fern. Your giant list was great! So many beautiful picks. Also, thank you for the encouragement for Ozymandias, "Manny."

    Quote Originally Posted by myosotis View Post
    Thank you! Also impressive list . I love your naming style, I adore Beatrix, and Margot, and I'm so excited to see Horatio actually maybe being used. And Chrysanthemum is so different and memorable, but in a good way; beautiful and floral.
    Thanks! I am so excited for our little Horatio or Chrysanthemum to arrive!
    Lilian, 26, INTJ, Gryffindor, Monkey, Aquarius

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    @amelia1990 Charles Exton Rose (Rose is so unexpected) & Ada Lune Meredith are lovely.
    Thanks @elifsu!

    @amelia1990: Hugo Peregrine Altair is beautiful!
    Thanks @adelina_sophia. I love literally every name in your signature! They're so good!

    @amelia1990 - Firstly, I'm so jealous of your name! Amelia was my great-grandma's mn--why couldn't I have gotten that family name?! I lovelovelove your Leo Bastien Pietro (SO cool!), Theodore Bastien Sparrow, Elspeth Cordelia Snow, Marigold Iris Louise, and Ottilie Sofia Gwendolen (so beautiful!). Your style is so beautiful and striking.
    Thanks so much @ashthedreamer! I'm glad you like my name, as well as my combos! I love many of your combos in your sig., especially Lillian Coralie Eden 'Lily'!

    @amelia1990: I'm in LOVE with your whole signature (I'm not sure if I've already said these but I've been looking at your sig for a long time), but especially atticus sherlock nor, charles exton rose, leo bastien pietro, florence matilda story, and lily gwyneira beatrix.
    Thanks @ariannabeckwith! I love Lucie Seraphina (love the spelling, by the way), Lola Madison, Lyra Genevieve, Logan Rhys and Luke Elias (I seem to like L names, don't I?)!

    @amelia1990 - your Carys Minerva Darcy, Florence Matilda Story and Marigold Iris Louise are beautiful!
    Thanks @lawsonhaley. I love your Maci Madeleine!
    now posting as @books_and_tea


    hugo peregrine altair ۰ misha beau alexander ۰ remy sebastian wolf
    edmund lathe harry ۰ percy frederic leo ۰ arthur peregrine milo "aza"
    hal barnaby auden ۰ kit lysander poet ۰ theodore james robin "theo"

    elspeth cordelia bambi "effie" ۰ eulalie wilhelmina solace "lula"
    florence matilda maelie ۰ sylvie minerva violet
    ottilia maeve scarlet "lilo" ۰ dorothy magda gwendolen "dodie"
    rosamund evanthe estelle "romy" ۰ beatrice odetta marlene "bee"

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    @morning_glory - just noticed your Edith Lavender since I last posted--she's so dainty and delicate; I adore her!
    Thank you! I'm just trying her out so far - we'll see if she ends up being promoted!

    Quote Originally Posted by handsallover View Post
    I really like @morning_glory's Ginevra Magdalen Snow, @bretak's Edmund Hartley Fox, @myosotis's Prosper William Kit and @undertherainbow's Sybil Jane.
    Thank you! Your Isaiah Silver and Tabitha Rue are swoon-worthy!

    Quote Originally Posted by medfordkung View Post

    Thanks again! I wish I could use it...

    Roger Llewelyn Hawk is stunning!!

    Thank you, I rather like it myself! (Btw Margot Esmeralda is beautiful.)

    Gwennan Lærke Juliet :: Edith Vervain :: Robin Cadfael Otis

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