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    Quote Originally Posted by dream.create View Post
    @lovemysweeties -
    I feel like I do not compliment your names enough… Piers Lachlan Wilder and Lily Anne Vesper are truly stunning!
    Thank you very much.

    I love your Delaney Sage, Brooks Alden Reid, Oliver Silas Grant, and Rory Lachlan. Love seeing Brooks in someone's signature. I am surprised I do not see it mentioned more on NB.

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    @millia - I've been trying to remember who it was that had Florence, Rosalind, & Victoria in their signature! Purely because I think it's by far the prettiest girls' sibset I remember seeing on NB - the names match perfectly, they're all stunning in their own right, and together they're absolutely 100% beyond beautiful!! (Sorry for the gushing - I try not to do it too much - but . . . !!)

    And I also discovered that it's @lonestar who has the lovely Scarlett Ophelia.

    Quote Originally Posted by dream.create View Post
    @morning_glory -
    I am not a fan of alliteration, typically… but ohmygoodness! Francis Lachlan Laird could not be more perfect.
    Thank you!!
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    handlion Guest
    Alright, I've rounded up some names and will surely post more another time, but here are some that have caught my eye just today!

    @millia: I really love that you use soft/nature names in your boys combos!! It makes me so happy. I've always felt that if people can use typically masculine names for girls, why can't it go the other direction too? Why is soft or pretty not allowed to be masculine? And who decides what words from nature are masculine or feminine anyway? Really love Alban Lavender, Briar Maxwell, Samuel Echo, Javi Amaryllis, and Gideon Ashley, as well as Cosmo Endymion, Alta Frances, and Emma Ceridwen.

    @luneth: Not sure if I've mentioned it before but I've been admiring Isabelle Rowena Clare for a long time! It's amazing

    @bretak: Percy William Meriadoc... love seeing love for Meriadoc!

    @eoxima: Evander Leif is so handsome! Also really like Freyja Circe and Juno Lorelei

    @elsbeth: Really loving Marigold Monet, Isobel Finch, Harper Sage (!!!), August Campion, and Asher Moss

    @wittyusername103: Keturah Lucy, Delta Felicity, and Avielle Fern... always love seeing love for Keturah, Delta, and Fern!

    @morning_glory: I absolutely love your entire signature! You have impeccable taste! I especially love Rosamund Coppelia Lark, Odelia Rosemary Swanhild, Roger Llewellyn Hawk (wow!), and Leonidas Raphael Jude. Raphael is actually my name so I love seeing it in great combos. You're also making me really love Varvara, and I love seeing Judith!

    @ashthedreamer: I know I've complimented some of your names before, but I had to mention Teague Sebastian! I really love it!

    @oliviasarah: I was so excited to see Iseabal in your sig... and Iseabal Briar is perfect. Also have longtime love for your boys' names, especially Emmett Kielder, Yarrow Jack, Alec Oberon & Wilfred Fox

    @opheliaflora: Edmund Blythe, Edgar Vivian & Arthur Vyvyan are all *excellent* names! I also love Alice Virginia Maud!

    Okay... I'll stop now even though I have lots more... I'll save them for later, haha

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    @handlion many thanks. I am glad you love it. You've got some seriously awesome combos yourself. My favourites are Eilonwy Neassa Piaf and Fiona Gwenfair Hecate.

    @morning-glory Iris Gwennan Juliet, Iris Odette and Francis Lachlan Laird. Gwennan is especially interesting -and pretty, I am not sure if I've heard it before or not. Lachlan is basically my GP and it flows really well with Francis and Laird. Beautiful and handsome combos.

    @ash Felicity Emmanuelle (think I've complimented this before? Oh well, I love it!) and Thomas Paolo Benjamin. And I am especially glad to see Paolo spelled this way.

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    @naomiaurora: Victoria Elizabeth Grace and Theodore Daniel James are absolutely charming.
    @xmintiex: Xander Raphael is super cool and handsome.
    @trina14: I don't think I've seen Alonzo Truman before, but it's super cool.
    @gildedfairyx: Lucian Valentino, Evelina Odette and Eleonora Lily are all so gorgeous.
    @martienew: Josephine Elise is absolutely breathtaking.
    @aspiring author: Ophelia Louise and Ottilie Seraphina are so pretty!

    Quote Originally Posted by dream.create View Post
    @adelina_sophia -
    I have no idea how I missed Harry Lysander before… what a strong, interesting combo!
    Thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by -eagleeyes- View Post
    @adelina_sophia: Cordelia Lark is beautiful!
    Thank you!
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