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    Quote Originally Posted by jtucker View Post
    I am loving @tranquilstars Iris Juliette Clare and Callum Finley Jude.
    Thank you so much! Your James Owen is so lovely, and the nickname "Jem" is cute as a button!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pliechassereleve View Post
    Thank you so much!! And it's always fun to meet another dancer who also loves names Also, I somehow missed Raya Mila and Seraphina Noe the first time I looked at your signature...they are both gorgeous!! I love your style.
    Thanks for the love! I think our styles are very similar, at least 50% of your names are on my long list .

    Quote Originally Posted by martienew View Post
    @ariannabeckwith Thank you so much! I love love your Kaia Isabelle, Hunter Elliot and Isla Amelie
    Thanks! Our Iris Amelie and Isla Amelie are very similar!

    Quote Originally Posted by jtucker View Post
    @ariannabeckwith - thank you. I really love your Lucie Seraphina & Tristan Blake.
    Thank you!

    @tranquilstars: I LOVE Belle Rosaline Ivy, Charlotte Amelie Margot, Emilia Florence Wren, Iris Juliette Clare, Jane Hermione Fable, Lillian Adelaide Simone, Callum Finley Jude, Eden Jasper Thomas, Emory Tobias Nolan, Felix Hutton Grey, Gideon Apollo Rhodes, Jameson Henry Elias, and Oliver Maxwell Braven (basically your whole sig, haha)
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    Quote Originally Posted by -eagleeyes- View Post
    @evelinrose: I love Elżbieta Violet Ruth, Primrose Aurelia Fawn, and Alfred Lionel Garrison!
    Thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by kizzy_delgado View Post
    @evelinrose: I am absolutely in love with Lovino Prosper Osiris, I wish I had the guts to use Lovino myself because it's just a lovely name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by morning_glory View Post
    It ought to be, I spent a lot of time and thought on it! Thank you for the love! The more I look at your signature, the more I like it. Henry Fitzwilliam Jasper is making me want to add Fitzwilliam to to my middles list. [I think I will, actually.] And I've admired Emilia Jane Lavender before.
    Thanks! I'm glad you like it, too. I find Fitzwilliam to be a cool twist on the extremely popular William.

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    @tranquilstars - I'm not really a fan of Lucy (like, at all, weirdly), but Lucy Adia Marigold is so sweet, girly, and spunky! I'd love to meet a little one with that name.

    @Emma - I super love Oliver Matthew Piers! I'm sorry I made you change it twice hahahaha. I feel super bad.

    @evelinrose - I love Elzbieta Violet Ruth, Primrose Aurelia Fawn, and Perseus Christopher Blaise! I think I might like that Perseus combo even more than I liked Perseus Christopher Alois! He's super handsome. Seth Antonio Radley is super handsome, too. I never got into Radley since Boo Radley always gave me the creeps, lol, but it works so well as a combo! Seth is super handsome. Isn't he more popular than you usually go up front?

    Quote Originally Posted by pliechassereleve View Post
    Thanks so much!! And yes, Sofie is on the linked list Don't worry, that one isn't going anywhere anytime soon, haha.

    I don't know if this one is still on your signature, but I loooove Eleanor Lila Grace! It reminds me so much of your oh-so-lovely Isabelle Aurora Grace. I could easily see Isabelle Aurora _____ and Eleanor Lila _____ as sisters.
    hahaha, YESSSS! Fantastic. (Just what I wanted to hear!!)

    Nope, not on my signature anymore (I think I *finally* have a new favorite boys' name--Casper!--and I wanted to change my signature to reflect that), but she's still on the list! I'm not 100% set on Lila in between Eleanor and Grace, but I ADORE Eleanor Grace a ton. Lila's the only name that I like in between the two that retains that beautiful feeling I get with Eleanor Grace. I ADORE Grace, but rarely like it as a MN (even though it sounds good with everything), but with Eleanor, Grace feels perfect. I adore her so much.

    I love Lilia Eva Corinne, by the way! Lilia Corinne is beautiful, but Lilia Eva Corinne is magic. (Then again, I'm not biased or anything. It's not like I have a love affair with Eva going on?)

    Quote Originally Posted by morning_glory View Post
    Adelaide "Daisy" is beautiful! What a great nickname. I'll put my vote in for her, even though I do love Daisy Endellion, on the principle of two for the price of one...
    Oooh, thank you! My problem is, I couldn't find a combo I liked for just Daisy for SO long, I figured I'd have to go with either Adelaide "Daisy" ______ or Margaret "Daisy" _____--but the thing is, while I love those in theory, I wasn't sure I could ever see me with a daughter named Adelaide or Margaret (particularly because I ADORE Adele, and if any name ever eclipses Isabelle as my favorite girls' name, it would be Adele!), but now that I've been looking at Adelaide "Daisy" for so long, Daisy almost feels nicknamey, even though I suppose she's no more nicknamey than Iris, Poppy, Violet, or Rose. Och. Name dilemmas, man! I now ADORE Daisy Endellion (and like a bunch of others--Daisy Ophelia, Daisy Giovanna, Daisy Madelief, etc.), but am without a combo for Adelaide (at least right now) to compare the options, and outside of Daisy Endellion, I'm really not a fan of Endellion at all. (Although St. Endellion in Cornwall is super gorgeous and I super want to go there. haha.) (Like I said, name dilemmas, man! I super am overthinking the Daisy conundrum way too much. )

    Quote Originally Posted by martienew View Post
    @ashthedreamer If you don't feel like keeping Adelaide with Isla Jane, what about something like Rosamund/Rosalind Isla Jane, Leonora Isla Jane, Felicity Isla Jane, Ophelia Isla Jane, Susannah Isla Jane or Sophia Isla Jane?
    Oh, thank you! I'm trying to decide what to do with Isla. I like her a lot, but can't decide if I love her enough to keep her around. Rosamund Isla Jane is super pretty, though! Weirdly enough, I'd had Rosamund Lila Jane on my list at one point...

    I also super love Felicity Isla, but not as much as Felicity Emmanuelle? I'd probably do Felicity Isla Claire, if I kept Felicity and Isla together, though. The others are nice, but not really my thing. Thanks for the suggestions, though!
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