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    @lawsonhaley better than not being able to use a name you like, I wonder what my future (imaginary) SO will think about my favorites lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elifsu View Post
    @ashthedreamer really? Thank you for liking both of the names, I like Daisy Endellion a lot from your signature.
    Yeah, really, it's beautiful!

    And thank you! I'm trying to decide between Daisy Endellion and Adelaide "Daisy" _____. I'm so stuck haha.

    Quote Originally Posted by morning_glory View Post
    Thank you! Your Daisy Endellion is one of the most well-matched combos I've seen. And I just have to say that I've absolutely fallen for Cap as a nickname for Casper!! Very Laura Ingalls Wilder! [Reef Benjamin Elias is another that's just caught my eye. Reef as a first name is so cool!]
    Thank you! I have a Berry friend who has a son named Caspar, and they call him Cappy, which I thought was adorable, but I love the Avengers and that Casper nn Cap works so well. And I'm glad Reef gets so much love! I adore him, and came across a Reef Sherlock in a book (which seems like the most GP name ever hahaha), and decided I just had to add him. Reef Benjamin Elias always takes me to my happy place!
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    @ morning_glory

    Thank you very much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evelinrose View Post
    Thank you so much! Really, that combo is still one of my absolute favourites for all three of those names~ I really love your Serenata Lierre, btw. So melodic and beautiful!

    Sidenote: I've also missed your presence. I hope that doesn't sound creepy. (:
    Thank you! And not creepy at all, don't worry :) I've missed being around here myself.

    Quote Originally Posted by emmamay View Post
    @pliechassereleve: Thanks:) I think Olivia Madeleine Grey was gorgeous, and Olivia Aisling Grey is also lovely. Also, Camille Rose and Vivienne Mary!
    Thanks so much!

    Quote Originally Posted by elifsu View Post
    @pliechassereleve thank you for liking Daisy Manon & Marion Gisele - I am not displaying character names anymore but Almila Sereday is still here! There will be a time Almila will be well known like Ayla and Aylin
    :( - I really like Elara Fae Cybele, Olivia Aisling Grey & Elysia Lotus alot!
    Thank you! :)

    Quote Originally Posted by ariannabeckwith View Post
    @pliechassereleve: I love all your names, but especially larisa madeleine, kaia lilith gisele, Silvie Adriana Grey, Lara Isabelle, violet amalia brynn, ilia corinne, camille rosalie june, vera amandine, serenata lierre, alyce geneva zoe, and soraya amelie. I also like your username, being a fellow dancer.
    Thank you so much!! And it's always fun to meet another dancer who also loves names ;) Also, I somehow missed Raya Mila and Seraphina Noe the first time I looked at your signature...they are both gorgeous!! I love your style.

    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    Oh, thank you! Haha, I'd forgotten I'd even considered Adelaide Zinnia Elise--I saw it in passing before I realized the comment was about me, and I was like, "Oooooh, why didn't I consider THAT for Daisy?!" bahahaha.

    I love a lot of your new names, too--Sara Liliane Coral in particular (she's amazing!), but also Vera Amandine, Soraya Amelie, Olivia Aisling Grey, Alyce Geneva Zoe (although I prefer Alice to Alyce, and with my love of Zoe, I'd love to see Zoe Geneva Alice!), and Calla Severine, but none of them can compared to my beloved Sofie Calandra Elyse. My computer's running super slow right now, so I won't check, but PLEASE tell me she's still hiding somewhere on that linked list in your signature!!! :P
    Thanks so much!! And yes, Sofie is on the linked list :) Don't worry, that one isn't going anywhere anytime soon, haha.

    I don't know if this one is still on your signature, but I loooove Eleanor Lila Grace! It reminds me so much of your oh-so-lovely Isabelle Aurora Grace. I could easily see Isabelle Aurora _____ and Eleanor Lila _____ as sisters.

    Quote Originally Posted by erulassearanel View Post
    Thank you! Your Camille Rosalie June captures summer, and Irina Lumi Shea is so soft and pretty, she reminds me of moonlight. All of the names on your signature have a unique 'feel' is how I'd put it, they hold together very well!
    Thank you! I love your descriptions. I also loooove your Felicity Ariella Thyme (the perfect balance of polished and free-spirited) and Linneth Aloisa Honey (Linneth is intriguing and really gorgeous, and the whole name has this delicate, botanical feel that I love)!

    Quote Originally Posted by dream.create View Post
    Thanks! I love Kaia Lilith Gisele, Amille Rosalie June, Violet Amalia Brynn, and Lilia Corinne. Your style is super beautiful!
    Thank you so much! Is your Audrey Summer new? It's gorgeous! I also LOVE Cassian Wilder and Oliver Silas Grant.
    alexandra selene (lexie) ballet dancer

    anabel zara aviva calwyn fleur kaia gisele
    vivienne mary sara liliane coral araceli fern
    merrill zoe elyse allegra violet marie sylvie wren aisling
    soraya amelie alba mary celandine marianela sage
    tari camellia cynthia mireille camille rosalie

    it's all in progress

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    Quote Originally Posted by prettygirl View Post
    @pliechassereleve, Sara Liliane Coral, Eleni Calista, Calla Severine, Irina Lumi Shea and Aviva Calwyn Fleur are stunners!
    Thanks so much! I've been meaning to mention your Jessamy Luna Ocean (gorgeously shimmery and iridescent), Felicity Caia Azure (so sparkly and mysterious), Cordelia Solstice Boheme (so rich and colorful...feels like late summer), Wilder Mateo Sylvain (this mystical, woodsy feel I adore), and Rupert Cerulean Croix (pure magic...has this amazing celestial feel) here for a your style! All your combos bring to mind such specific, gorgeous imagery.
    alexandra selene (lexie) ballet dancer

    anabel zara aviva calwyn fleur kaia gisele
    vivienne mary sara liliane coral araceli fern
    merrill zoe elyse allegra violet marie sylvie wren aisling
    soraya amelie alba mary celandine marianela sage
    tari camellia cynthia mireille camille rosalie

    it's all in progress

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