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    Thanks @ashthedreamer, @millia and @evelinrose

    @birdling, I love Amias Frederick Harte, Lily Artemisia Jane, Juno Seraphina and Isa Margalo! That Isa combo is just so striking and gorgeously unusual!

    Quote Originally Posted by millia View Post
    @prettygirl, I really like your Felicity Caia Azure!
    Thank you @millia, I really love your Clio Vivienne, Marina Ondine, Cosmo Endymion, William Pax and Benjamin True!

    @emmamay, Lily Isobel Antonia is just delightful and darling!

    @amberdaydream, love Caius Valentine and Fabian Dusk - they're so intriguing

    @martienew, Aurora Felicity Snow, Lily Hermione Winter and Iris Amélie are beautiful!
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    @prettygirl - I love your Catalina Solstice Bohéme, it feels quite magical to me. I also really like Fabian Indigo Socrates and Amadeus Bravery Pierre, both are charming combos!

    @millia - your Thalia Fox is adorable! I love seeing Fox on girls...ever since I met a girl whose surname was Fox it's seemed to feel more unisex to me, somehow, but I can never come up with good female combos for it - but you certainly have! I also adore your Esther Camille and Sebastian Kane

    @emmamay - your Theodore Bennet Grey is so handsome!

    @evelinrose Athena Cecily Nightshade is to die for! So beautiful, and I'm glad to see Nightshade being's on my list as a boys middle, but it definitely works for girls too!

    @amberdaydream - I love all of your boys names! You have great taste

    @martienew - your Alaska Josephine is beautiful! I love seeing Alaska in combos, and Josephine goes with it really well

    @birdling - August Malachi and Oliver Hayes are such handsome, strong combos!
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    Quote Originally Posted by prettygirl View Post
    @eoxima, Saskia Imogen Willow is perfect!
    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by prettygirl View Post
    @luneth, Marina Behati Azure is just absolutely stunning!
    Thanks! I'm loving your Felicity Caia Azure (swoooonn! And yay for another Azure's fan!) and Dominic Llewellyn Cloud. Llewellyn is a gp of mine, but only because I doubt people around me can pronounce it correctly.

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    @fullabeans Have I mentioned how much I adore Thomas Nightingale, it makes me swoon.
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