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    Names on NB that make you go WOW!


    I'm sure we all see some beautiful combinations that fellow Berries come up with, but are there any names that have ever stuck with you or made you go WOW?

    A few for me include Evangeline Xanthe, Arthur Peregrine, Leo Augustus, Belle Serephine and Ayla Sonnet. I'm sure there's more, but these ones stood out the most to me.

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    Edith Primrose. Eira Rosemary. Poppy Matilda. Sylvie Primrose. Vera Thomasin.
    Elliot Christian. Julian Theodore. Vincent Orion. Walter Edmund.

    Anna Soleil. Jane Leonora. Rose Evangeline.
    Claire Claudia Evangeline Gwendolen Gwyneira Leora Maia Marguerite Susan
    Atlas August Darcy Donovan Edmund Jude Loren Sai Theoden Vaughn Willem Winston

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    CharlotteIllyria & PercyBeowulf ° RosalieAmoret & DylanFrederick
    AuroraValkyrie & IsabellaOttilie ° EdwardAmaury & ArthurEndymion
    MagnusRoland & TristanHarley ° CedricDimitri & AnselPeredur
    SeraphinaThisbe & MelodyBoudicca ° GwenllianSaga & HelenaEponine
    SylvanEdgar & BeatriceIsolda ° CorneliusHart & AnastasiaBlanche
    LyraCorisande & JulietKerensa ° GarethFlorian & RobinLysander
    MeadowLouise & DorianWesley ° GiselleNefertiti & GustavLorenzo
    GeorginaEydis & CressidaSophie

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    One that really stuck out was Persephone Elysia Willow, the daughter of one of the moderators (dantea, I think?) here. Such a gorgeous name and by far the best combination I have seen on this page. When it comes to boys' names, there are several I have seen that I really liked (I'm much more picky with girls' names). A recent one is Alexander Adelin Lórien "Sasha", from @shvibziks signature. Such creativity (I'm jealous!).
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    A while back there was a set of twins named Eleanor Ivy and Matilda Snow. I thought they were such a fabulous pair, and they've stuck with me ever since.

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    Someone had Cecilia Niamh on their list and while I don't love the look of Niamh, the way the combo sounds is magical to me and definitely stuck!

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