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    Jaiden Levi Miller( Jai-Jai, Aiden, Deny) or Josiah Grace Miller(JoJo, Siah,Josi)

    Married couple Aaron and Megumi Jones have been married for 11 years. The couple has 5 children together DD1(8), DD2(6), DS1(3), DS2(3), DD3(nb). Their first names must be unique but usable, and their middle names must be of Japanese descent to honor their Japanese heritage as their mother is an immigrant from Japan.
    Lumina Scarlet~Cressa Layne~Jia Sarai~Novella Jade

    Felix Orion~Sawyer Rune~Atlas Leander~Aslan Jade

    Axel~ Cordelia~Seraphina~ Percy~Naminé~Manon

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    Aster Tsuru
    Ione Aika
    Fintan Kazuo
    Torin Haruki
    Luella Maemi

    Brandon and Vita are parents to four lovely children - G/G twins, followed by two singleton boys. The twins first names both relate to their birth season, Autumn; their elder sonson's relates to Summer, and their younger son's relates to Winter. Middle names are all four letters and begin with different letters.
    My Angels

    Arwen Katya- 9/3
    Eilidh Bethan - 21/6
    Llyr Sebastian - 1/5
    Rhianydd Laurel- 26/5

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    DD1/DD2: Zea Lily/Pomona Dove
    (Zea means grain and Pomona means apple, both autumn crops)
    DS1: Cyrus Finn
    (A Persian name meaning The Sun)
    DS2: Tannen Rhys
    (Tannen from Tannenbaum, but tannen in German also means pine)


    Niki and boyfriend Cassian got a shocker when they found out Niki was pregnant, but after deciding to raise the child together, their relationship continued happily and they had two more children. All of them are boys. The first names are Irish, the middles are nature related and 5 letters each. There are 6 different letters starting the 6 different names (3 first and 3 middle.)

    DW & DH: Lucille Elizabeth Castaneda (neé Wilson) & William John Castaneda
    DS1: George Felipe Castaneda
    DD1: Serenity Luz Castaneda "Ren"
    DS2: Charles Alonso Castaneda "Charlie"
    DD2: Nicoletta Mercedes Castaneda "Niki"

    DH & DH: George Felipe Castaneda & Robert Christopher Choi
    DD1/DD2/DD3: Alouette Panyin, Palila I'timad and Iolani Ajoba

    DW & DH: Serenity Luz Castaneda & Arjun Sai Agrawal
    DD1: Devi Joan Agrawal
    DS1: Vishnu Miguel Agrawal

    GF & BF: Nicoletta Mercedes Castaneda & Cassian Donal O'Sullivan
    Girls names are always way easier for me than boys

    Top Three
    Cassia Kai
    Waverly June
    Indigo Noelle

    My Place Names
    London * Argentina * Vienna * Holland

    My Nature Names
    Autumn * Dawn * Sparrow * Fern

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