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    Farah and Harry:

    Diana Berry
    Charise Petra
    Dillon Piers
    Charles Cain

    Alice and Jonathan have 6 kids. 3 girls and 3 boys. They names follow the rules.

    DS: must be a long D name + must honor the name Harry
    DD: must be a long C name + must be a mythological name
    DS/DS: must be a long F name + word name // must be a long B name + word name
    DD: must be a long A name + flower/nature name
    DD: must be a long E name + vintage/old lady name

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    DS: Dominic Henry
    DD: Catherine Iris
    DS/DS: Frederick Forest & Benjamin Bear
    DD: Alexandra Rose
    DD: Elizabeth Jane

    Calvin and Thomas have four sons, 5-year-old twins, a 3 year old, and a 1 year old. The twins' names are easy to pronounce in English, Spanish, and Dutch speaking countries, the two youngest sons have vintage/elite names. All the boys' middle names are long and classic.

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    Lucas Nathaniel & Nico Leonidas
    Silas Harrison
    Kipling Erasmus

    Neil and Nina have seven girls and one boy with N names. Middles are all American cities

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    Nadia Madison
    Novalie Navada
    Nicholas Tennesse
    Nancy Arlington
    Nicola Memphis
    Natalia Miami
    Noelle Arizona
    Nina Peyton

    Erin and Dereck have six children. Each child has a first name and three middles. Each first name needs to be 3 syllables plus, the first middle needs to end with an s, the second middle needs to contain at least one set of double letters (tt, nn etc..) and the last middle needs to be a surname name. They have 3 boys and 3 girls.
    Beatrix Poppy | Clara Juliet | Delia Joy | Esme Anneliese | Lillia Faye | Miriam Nancy | Pippa Marigold | Ruby Josephine
    Billie | Birdie | Bridie | Darcy | Effie | Elodie | Evelina | Freya | Luna | Maisie

    Elias Frey | Everett Riley | Hugo Alistair | Layton Finch | Micah Jude | Sonny Theodore | Tobias Finley
    Cairo | Darcy | Edwin | Eugene | Isaiah | Jack | Maxwell | Rafferty | River | Sasha | Valentine

    Not expecting, just collecting.

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    Joshua Atticus Beckett Harrison
    Sabrina Anais Camilla Delaney
    Juliette Iris Addison McKinley
    Gabrielle Lotus Estelle Marley
    Oliver Marcus Apollo Brady
    Zachary Tobias Phillip Anderson

    Victoria and Mitchell have 4 girls and 2 boys. Their first names are all nature-related, while their middle names are the names of famous cartoon characters.

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