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    Arrow Emmeline
    Peridot Maud
    Ivalo Mirabel
    Beaux Artemisia


    Manon Seraphina
    Odile Tallulah
    Romeo Leander

    Benedict & Bertille have 5 children. First names are are old-fashioned beginning with B. Middles are cool-sounding place names.
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    Beatrix Florence
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    Bartholomew Hudson

    Daphne and James name their kids after colors. Their middle names all end in the letter "h".

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    Daphne & James
    -Crimson Maeleth
    -Rose Elizabeth
    -Ruby Tanith
    -Violet Sarah
    -Onyx Dash

    5 children (three girls, two boys) with first names after Shakespeare characters and middle names after flowers.
    *April Evangeline*Charlotte Hazel*Daphne Winter*Echo Lisette*Esme Rose*Hermione Dove*Hestia Fleur*Honey Moon*Lavender Rue* Louisa Snow*Lumi Colette*Luna Fawn*Luna Faye*Matilda Rose*Nova Tamsin*Penelope Bliss*Rosie Pearl*
    Caspian Marcel*Ezekiel Fletcher*Felix Otto*Henry Sebastian*Icarus Tao*Oliver Jude*Oscar Felix*Oscar Gray*Thaddeus Xander*Zephyr Sky*

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    Beatrice Poppy


    5 children. First names are rare, but not unheard of, and all begin with a vowel and end with a consonant. The MN1 is after a famous writer (poet, novelist, journalist, etc., doesn't matter what kind of writer). The MN2 is a fairly well known brand name that could reasonably be a name as well (i.e., yes to Johnson from Johnson & Johnson [don't use this one]; no to Walmart.)
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    Colette | Stella | Theia
    Luna | Margot | Cressida | Felicity | Lacy
    Faith | Hope | Love
    India, Indigo, Indie
    Ada/Ava | Eden | Piper | Winter

    Sterling | Reign | Roman
    Jack | William | Emmett | Atticus | Felix | Linus | Adam
    Orson | Rhett | Roland | Wyatt | Westley | Holden
    Edison | Lincoln | Penn
    Forest | Atlas | Cypress | Boone | Shepherd
    Elias | Solomon | Moses | Ezra

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    Viola Lily
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    Portia Rose
    Hermione Iris

    Ottilie and Rupert have 3 daughters and 3 sons, all named after famous historical figures. They all have two middle names. The first middle name is related to a place and the second is one syllable.

    Adeline Dorothy, Amelie Fleur, Delilah Rosemary, Elspeth Sophia “Elsie”, Emilia Alexandra, Hazel Genevieve, Heather Caroline, Heidi Evelyn, Iris Evangeline, Jemima Lillian, Madeleine Pearl, Margot Joanna, Martha Elizabeth, Matilda Meredith, Mia Josephine, Ramona Florence, Viola Ivy

    Arthur Elliot, Christopher “Kit” Maxwell, Gabriel Heath, James “Jem” Augustus, Jason Jude, Lucas Dominic, Matthias Archer, Nicholas Beau, Noah Edmund, Sebastian Ansel, Zachary Leonardo

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