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    Libertad & Archibald:
    Rosalind Ramona (Ramona books by Beverly Cleary)
    Marigold Matilda
    Hubbard Huck (Huckleberry Finn)
    Desmond Don (Don Quixote)
    Ingrid Imogen & Astrid Alice (Shakespeare; Alice in Wonderland)
    Leonard Lancelot


    They have eight children, 4 boys and 4 girls. Each child's first name is a powerful, commanding name that one might expect to see as a war general or the like (girls too). The MN1 is an unusual French name. The MN2 is a word name that has to do with wintertime.
    Britta | Name Addict
    TTC early 2019!

    Colette | Stella | Theia
    Luna | Margot | Cressida | Felicity | Lacy
    Faith | Hope | Love
    India, Indigo, Indie
    Ada/Ava | Eden | Piper | Winter

    Sterling | Reign | Roman
    Jack | William | Emmett | Atticus | Felix | Linus | Adam
    Orson | Rhett | Roland | Wyatt | Westley | Holden
    Edison | Lincoln | Penn
    Forest | Atlas | Cypress | Boone | Shepherd
    Elias | Solomon | Moses | Ezra

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    1. Angela Maélys North
    2. Audrey Héloïse Crystal
    3. Arnold Maxence Sylvester
    4. Andreas Calixte Whittaker
    5. Alice Nicolette Holly
    6. Amelia Estelle Juniper
    7. Alexander Gaspard Rudolf
    8. Angus Thibault Snow

    (I know the A was not a requirement, but the first 6 names I found were A-names, so I finished the set with it)

    Oliver and Catherine are expecting twin boys. They will each get four names. Their names are classic chic, sophisticated, but no last-name-turned-first-names. At least one of their names has three syllables and one must be over 8 letters long (this may be the same name).

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    Casper Thaddeus Louis James & Atticus Oliver Conrad Dominic

    Elspeth & Henryk have 4 children. Their names are the full names of royals (must have at least 3 given names) however they are name by name translated into fresher variants e.g. Marie Antoinette Josèphe Jeanne = Manon Antonia Posey Jean, Henry Charles Albert David = Hendrix Chalrton Bertie Dawson.

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    Anika Lizzy Amalia Lucia (Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise)
    Carson Pip Arno Gregor (Charles Phillip Arthur George)
    Trix Mariel Vicki Felicity (Beatrice Mary Victoria Fedore)
    Ward Anton Rick Linden (Edward Anthony Richard Louis)

    Maxwell and Stella have four children. Their first names all contain the same double consonants (doesn't have to be double ll, but must be the same for all children). Their middle names are 'surfer' names.

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    Marietta Ocean
    Matthew Cove
    Rhett Bodhi
    Vittoria Coral

    James and Nicole have three children. Each child has three names, and no two names start with the same letter. Their first names are all Scandinavian. Their second names are all names that end in "e". Their third names are all taken from popular literary characters.
    Girls - Charlotte, Josephine, Caroline, Rosalind, Cornelia, Ariane, Eleanor, Laura, Calla, Evelyn, Eloise, Sophie, Lavinia, Victoria, Helen, Saskia, Karen, Carlina, Grace, Eden, Lauren, Beatrice, Camille, Rose, Daisy, Anna, Cathrin, Carlene, Evangeline, Helena, Celine, Marian, Calida, Maeva, Hélène, Madeline, Violet, Genevieve, Annella
    Boys - Edward, Daniel, Owen, Theodore, Henry, Thomas, Walter, William, Alexander, James, Noah, Nicholas, Liam

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