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    Rooney Linden Grace
    Bellamy Reese Lou
    Tierney Adair June
    Forrest Gibson Grant
    Crane Merriwether Max
    Robin Kensington Cole

    Esme and Lorcan Meloy have an older son, as well as triplets (two girls and a boy.) They want first names that feel cool and a bit rebellious. The girls' middles names should sound medieval, but still work with the first names. Boys' middle names should be unusual Puritan-style names. None of the middle names can begin with the last sound of the first name (for example, Jack Carl or Isabel Louise.)
    Vote on my name lists: (boys) and (girls).

    Girls' Top Fifteen: Ceridwen, Cliodhna, Coppelia, Glasgow, Ondine, Severine, Lumina, Isolda, Iphigenia, Cameo, Phaedra, Margaret, Elestren, Meliora, Fionnuala

    Boys' Top Ten: Phoenix, Lysander, Wilder, Gilbert, Tarquin, Melchior, Harry, Pryor, Taliesin, Carwyn, Lyall, Hesper, Phosphorus, James, Jem

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    Memphis Gwenllian, Ripley Audovera & Kenzo Theophilus
    Rockwell Consider

    Roger & Bella have 5 daughters and 5 sons including Fitch Royal Rupert & Edie Fox Fionnuala. For the girls, first names are after "It girls" throughout history. For boys, first names are surnames that are familiar but unheard of as first names. First middles are characters from Wes Anderson films. Second middles begin with the same letter as the first middle and are Britishy and bubbly.

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    Edie Fox Fionnuala
    Meryl Agatha Araminta
    Winona Etheline Elspeth
    Goldie Margot Matilda
    Reese Margaret Millicent

    Fitch Royal Rupert
    Hopper Raleigh Rhys
    Corrigan Bishop Barnaby
    McGeoghan Jopling Jasper
    Kelvin Tennenbaum Tarquin

    Lucia and Henry have 6 children, 4 girls and 2 boys. For the ladies, first names are French inspired with a bright, feminine nickname. For the boys, first name has Gaelic origins and is unique or unheard of to Americans. First middles are old fashioned. Second middles are fauna-inspired (i.e. clover, fern).
    Roisin Elspeth | Lucia Magdalene | Isla Jolene | Lydia Louise | Esme Vivienne | Delphine Ines | Calla Jean
    Padraig Norris | Seamus Lachlan | Roarke Clive | Sullivan Cormac

    Saoirse|Catriona|Eilidh|Grier|Elowen|Seraphina|Row ena|Etta|Sylvie|Linnea |Philomena

    Colm|Shane|Joaquin|Inman|Merritt|Jude|Henrik|Cash| Fritz|Edmund|Van|Harold

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    Fauna means the animal life, and flora is the plant life. So I did the girls as plant, and the boys as animals

    Lucia & Henry:
    Colette Jane Clover "Coco"
    Sylvie Elizabeth Fern "Vee"
    Josephine Anna Ivy "Josie"
    Claire Mary Hazel "Cece"
    Aodh James Fox
    Eoin Charles Hawk


    Charles & Prudence have eight children. All of the children have puritan/colonial first names. The MN1 are vintage English names, and the MN2 are names from the New Testament.
    Britta | Name Addict
    TTC early 2019!

    Colette | Stella | Theia
    Luna | Margot | Cressida | Felicity | Lacy
    Faith | Hope | Love
    India, Indigo, Indie
    Ada/Ava | Eden | Piper | Winter

    Sterling | Reign | Roman
    Jack | William | Emmett | Atticus | Felix | Linus | Adam
    Orson | Rhett | Roland | Wyatt | Westley | Holden
    Edison | Lincoln | Penn
    Forest | Atlas | Cypress | Boone | Shepherd
    Elias | Solomon | Moses | Ezra

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    Mercy Genevieve Martha
    Patience Viola Mary
    Amity Mabel Elizabeth
    Keziah Pearl Lydia

    Gideon Theodore Peter
    Hezekiah Arthur Elias
    Abraham Warren Thomas
    Thaddeus Everett Simon


    Micah and Sara have 2 girls and 4 boys. All the boy's names end in ah, and the girl's end in a. All are outside the top 500. Thier first middles are Irish, and the second middles are water-related.
    Lilly / 19

    Otto Finnian Jude | Jethro Sebastian Wolf
    Jensen Tobias Fox | Shiloh Caspian Henry
    Archer Arrow Breccan Ezra Griffin Maxwell Milo Shepherd

    Arden Primrose | Sage Arabella | Wren Artemis
    Avalon Grey | Aurora Anthem | Romily Lane

    Briar Haven Maeve Maxine Ophelia Primrose Willow

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