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    Oct 2014
    Fern Alexis Joy
    River Callum Asher
    Ivy Nicole Bliss
    Bear Finley Cayo
    Sky Everly Blythe
    Oakley Jasper Felix

    Cody and Fern have 4 kids, 2 girls and 2 boys. The girl's first names end in y, and the boy's first names start with F. Their middle names are four letters long.
    Beatrix 'Trixie' Poppy - Clara Juliet - Delia Joy - Esme Anneliese - Freya Elspeth
    Iris Melody - Ivy Joelle - Selah Nancy - Lillia Faye - Mercy Annabel - Ruby Josephine - Saskia Lucy

    Caleb Theodore - Elias Walter - Everett Riley - Gideon Isaiah - Hugo Alistair
    Jack Shepherd - Jensen Gabriel - Micah Jude - Tobias 'Toby' Finley

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    Ryley Anne
    Clary Jane
    Felix Cole
    Fisher Mark

    June and Jude have seven kids, three boys and four girls. All of their names end in the letter "a". Middles start with the letter after the first letter of their first names.

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    Attila True
    Yeshua Elm
    Dakota Axe
    Electra Lake
    Renata Eve
    Mariska Arc
    Sephora Earth

    Molly and James have 6 children whose names are 3 syllables long and all have different endings. The first names are classic but the middle names are creative spellings of nature words.

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    Benjamin Woolfe
    Christopher Pynne
    Nathaniel Foxx
    Caroline Willoe
    Harriet Layke
    Rebecca Saffire

    David & Emily are huge fans of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; therefore, they have given their children first names after characters from the series. (Miami, NY or Las Vegas) Middle names are all after well known crime/mystery writers.

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    Stella Christie
    Catherine Quigley
    Horatio James

    Tripp & Annabeth have 6 kids, 2 sons and 4 daughters. Their sons have short surname first names (like their dad). Their daughters have either hyphenated, double-barreled or smooshed first names that combine a short and sweet name like Anna with a surname name, in either order. The kids have two middles - the first is a "grandma" or "grandpa" name and the second is a fun, modern-sounding European name

    Briar-Rose Alexandrine + Capucine Fairuza + Chiara Euphrasie + Eirini Kerensa

    Amos Endymion + Bellamy Calixto + Emrys Vivaldo + Henry Corentin

    Pasqualina Mary + Sabela Sixtine + Saffron Maristela + Tuppence Odilia

    Leo Serafim + Magnus Carnelian + Milo Iskandar + Xavier Absalom

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