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    Your name is Ms. Beatrix Larsen and you're an 8th grade art teacher at Coal Hill School.


    1. Violet Flora Albano; Violet is polite, neat, and a follower.
    2. Iris Maeve Arden; Iris is humble, eccentric, and forgiving.
    3. Liam Harley Bartholomew; Liam is brilliant, humble, and sensitive.
    4. Theodore Edmund Butler; Theo is a perfectionist, laid back, and stoic.
    5. Jasper Evander Cantwell; Jasper is lucky, dependent , and curious.
    6. Elodia Delphine Darnell; Elodie is genuine, stoic, and immature.
    7. Belle Nora Dempsey; Belle is immature, stable, and clumsy.
    8. Otto Sebastian Ferris; Otto is close-minded, cruel, and stoic.
    9. Veronique Henriette Francois; Vera is outgoing, brilliant, and egotistical.
    10. Marnie Astrid Harriss; Marnie is articulate, disingenuous, and a born leader.
    11. Moses Ezekiel Irwin; Moses is competitive, curious, and driven.
    12. Gabriel Alexander Jewell; Gabe is shy, a coward, and an athlete.
    13. Alexandria Theodosia Kendrick; Alexa is selfish, courageous, and spiritual.
    14. Owen Wesley Napier; Owen is brilliant, curious, and strong.
    15. Aurelia Juno Pollack; Aurelia is curious, compassionate, and sensitive.
    16. Arlo Blaine Radford; Arlo is eccentric, polite, and indifferent.
    17. Alviva Ysoria Urban; Allie is attractive, disciplined, and trusting.
    18. Lazarus Cyprian Whitworth; Lazarus is brilliant, egotistical, and confident.

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