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    Feb 2015
    Camille Bianca (kept)
    Emilia Tess (swapped)
    Gianna Georgia (changed fn)
    Briony Lynn (changed mn)
    Hayden Christina (initials)
    Elodie Rose (new)
    Mia Georgiana | Ella Charlotte | Lena Kennedy
    Wyatt Alexander | Nathaniel Kayden | Anthony Rowan
    Tabitha | 21 | hufflepuff | INFP
    other favorites: Willow, Sutton, Bella, Amelia, Tara, Carter, Cody, Tyler, Noah, Samuel, Leo, Joshua, Gabriel

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    Jun 2015
    Bianca Camille (Swapped)
    Elodie Rose (kept)
    Gianna Morgan (changed mn)
    Liliana Tess (changed fn)
    Helena Cate (initials)
    Finley Charlotte (new)

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    Liliana Tess (Kept)
    Isabel Charlotte (Changed FN)
    Grace Madeleine (Initials)
    Rose Elodie (Swapped)
    Helena Ruby (Changed MN)
    Freya Matilda (New)

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    May 2015
    Helena Ruby (kept)
    Tess Liliana (swapped)
    Cleo Matilda (fn)
    Rose Amelia (mn)
    Ivy Cecilia (initials)
    Louisa Jane (new)
    *In construction*

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    Sep 2012
    Ivy Cecilia (kept)
    Jane Louisa (swapped)
    Frances Liliana (fn)
    Helena Esme (mn)
    Charlotte Maude (initials)
    Adelaide Clara (new)
    26, ISTJ, Britberry, Cabin Crew
    Always on the hunt for something fresh, here's my top twenty four:
    Ada Adelaide Annabelle Daphne Eulalie Estelle Helena Lorna Lucille Noelle Ramona Wilhelmina
    Fergus Francis Frederick Magnus Peter Ronan Sidney Solomon Stanley Vincent Walter Wilfred

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