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    Tobias / Elias.....??

    Hi everyone

    Loving the names Tobias and Elias right now. Only problem is that the middle name may have to be Douglas (for complicated political and family reasons I won't bore you with).

    Do Tobias and / or Elias rhyme too much with Douglas??


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    If you love Tobias or Elias and HAVE to use Douglas, go for it. Middle names are rarely used or known by anyone outside the family. I really like Toby and Eli so it would be a shame to dismiss them for potential awkwardness with a mn that will rarely be said together.
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    Yes, as the previous poster said most people outside the family aren't going to know so you could choose not to let it bother you.

    Otherwise, alternatives to Tobias could be Tobiah or Toben. Elias could be Elijah, but it depends whether you love those names like you do Tobias and Elias.

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    Thanks this is useful! Tobiah is nice too

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    I love Elias (I'm biased because it's my son's middle name) I do think both Tobias and Elias are a bit rhymey with Douglas. I also agree with above that you will rarely say your son's full name, so I think either is fine. Personally I would do Eli Douglas. Eli stands well on its own.
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