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    Nickname for Henry.

    If we have a boy, we're probably going to name him Henry. It's a good name as is, but when it comes to a nickname, I like Han (yes, like Han Solo...) Husband doesn't like that so much and prefers Hank. Outside of a four-year-old wearing an oversized ballcap, I think Hank reminds me of an overweight old man.

    I need convincing! What do you all think?

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    I love Huck as a nickname for Henry. I feel neutral about Hank. Personally, I would most likely not use a nickname for Henry.

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    Hank is fine! Kind of cute. I love the suggest of Huck though!! Rye is another possibility
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    Hank is adorable, but Huck is even better!

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    Hank always reminds me of the '80s cartoon Dungeons & Dragons, so I always love that particular piece of nostalgia. Harry is also cute.
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