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    Thoughts of Porter?!

    As I have posted before we are 75% sold on Luca... but I keep coming back to the name Porter... I dont know why, I just think its different and original without being weird, I dont think I could sell my boyfriend on it though... just curious what you think of it...

    Porter Kyle Voeltz... ?!

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    I really love the name Porter as it was my Daddy's name and I also have a son named Ryan Porter. so I say Go for it!!

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    I like Porter, it has a friendly sound. My only qualm is that it starts to sound kind of weird if you say it repeatedly.

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    I like Porter but I don't love it. It's a surname and an occupational name and these types of names are all the rage so I don't find it "different". The only hesitation I would have in choosing it for a first name is that the occupation still exists today in various fields (eg. hospital porter, university porter, hotel porter) . Personally, I don't know if I could name a child after a profession with the duties of carrying baggage or standing guard at a door. It would just seem a little odd. Another drawback: there is an airline in Canada called Porter. I do prefer Luca with your surname. Luca sounds much cooler than Porter.
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    I really like the name Porter! A friend named her son Porter and I think it's darling.

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