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    Zephyr? Other Z names?

    I really like the nn Zef. I live in an area where no one would blink an eye at the name Zephyr. But I'm not sure about it. Do you like Zephyr? What other Z or X names for boys do you like?
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    I dont really like Zephyr but I do like the nickname Zef

    I like Zane, Zachary, Zeke, and Zander.

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    How about short and sweet Zeb?

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    I love Zephyr! No other suggestions. Mads listed all of mine.

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    I like Zephyr, but it sounds like heifer (cow). So I would try and avoid it. I really do not like the nickname Zef, though. Sounds like deaf.

    I like Zachariah, and Zeke (Ezekiel) for Z names
    Xavier for X names.
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