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    Anyone else make THESE lists??

    I have always kept a "favorites" list but I wish I had started a "Dislike" List as well to see how my tastes have evolved. Does anyone do this? If so, what names are on them if you feel comfortable sharing?
    For example, I know I used to despise Henry & Lucy but now I love them!
    I'm curious as to how I will feel in the future about names like Esther & Georgia or Walter & Dashiell < not my cup of tea right now...
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    I sort of do this. I used to keep a "dislikes" list, but haven't updated it in a while; now my "dislikes" list is mostly mental. I think it's grown, unfortunately; I rarely seem to change my opinion on things.

    On my "dislikes" list (excluding broader categories like 'boys' names on girls' and 'violent boys' names': ) Harriet, Scarlett, Iris, Ruby, Wendy, Poppy, Willa, Ryder, Gideon, goes on.
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    I dont really dislike A LOT of names, but I do remember the names i do dislike. And why.

    Daphne: It reminds me of deaf knee.
    Blythe: I always said it blith and not blieth. I hate the actual pronunciation.
    Isaac: Bad association.
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    Cair Paravel :)
    I don't keep an actual "I hate these names" list, lol, but there are a general few I remember hating for as long as I can remember:

    Scarlett (most of them aren't bad names, even; I just irrationally hate them! And I even love Charlotte and Emilia, so you'd think I'd find Scarlett and Amelia to be more appealing, in general...)

    I remember when I first joined name forums, I've hated Vivienne, Madeleine (for some reason, I had an awful association with the name that I can't even remember any more... I think somehow I tied it to my depression and couldn't let it go. I love it now, though!), Esme, Isla, Isabelle (go figure, lol), Charlotte, etc., but now I love a lot of those! I'm still not a HUGE Vivienne fan, but I can appreciate it. I think Vivi's adorable, and I'd be happy to see someone else use it. At one point I hated Aurora and Magdalena, as well, and I like them now... My style has just gotten much less trendy and stereotypical teen-mom ish as the years have gone by. I used to love Bailey and Emmerson for girls, now I love them for guys. I like a few unisex names, like Hadley, Delaney, Addison, Harper, Jocelyn, Greer, etc., but I probably wouldn't use them. The way I used to track which names I used to hate but love now was through the first name site I joined; recently, though, it was revamped and they closed the old site and opened a new one, and got rid of all the archived posts. So I can no longer go back and see what I had commented on those "what names do you hate" threads and such. There's very few names I dislike in general (with the exception of generally disliking, for the most part, really trendy made up names and also unisex names on girls), and that's pretty much the top 5 I listed at the top of the page. And that generally doesn't change.
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