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    I like Eleanor the best. I also like Rosalind. They all sound good with "Price" though.
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    My favorite is Rosalind. I love Rosy as a nn!

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    Thank-you for the feedback! Lots more mixed reviews, and I'm no closer to choosing my favourite, but I am definitely finding it useful to hear all of these unbiased opinions. I am finding nicknames Rosy and Betsy irresistible just now, but am also drawn to the sophisticated simplicity of Jane, the ancient beauty of Eleanor, and the saucy charm of Beatrix.

    Question: Which name on my list do you think sounds best with middles Ada Elaine? That is my #1 middle name combination, as it honours both my grandmother, and my mother. Of course, it won't work with Jane but which of the others do you think this combination best suits? (For Jane, I'd most likely choose Ada Kathryn).
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    Rosalind and Eleanor take the cake for me, love them!
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    Go with Betsy instead of Elisabeth :-)

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