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    Your Top 5 Boys And Girls Names?

    So what are you top 5 names for boys and for girls? I would like to hear them! This kind or hard for me but I managed to do it!!!
    Here are mine:


    1) Macaulay Miles - I have always thought this name is really sweet, gentle and handsome! And it's also a bonus someone I admire has the name Macaulay. I really like the way Miles flows with Macaulay and it's also a bonus a character I like has the name of Miles.

    2) Albert Perry - I have always like Albert and I love the nicknames that go with Albert! I like the way it's vintage and classic. I like Perry I think it's sweet and goes well with Albert. I just like the way they both go together! They don't really have a specific meaning to why I like them.

    3) Matthew Kieran - I have always been a fan of Matthew it's been on my list for about 4 years now and I love it. And there was a character in a film I used to watch as a little kid and they had a character named Matthew so that's a bonus! And Kieran because it flows well with Matthew and really gives the name style! And of course there are other reasons why I love Kieran but that's a long story.

    4) Seth Alexander - I think Seth is a really sweet name and it is really cool and it flows well with the Alexander and it is a name in the Bible and it's also a bonus the creator of Family Guy is named this. I'm not sure how the name Alexander came around all I know is I have loved it ever since I heard it.

    5) Elijah Mark - I think the name Elijah is very nice it's a name I have recently come to love! And it flows nicely with the Mark. And Mark that's kind of a long story why I love this name but it's Biblical so that's one of the reasons why I love it.


    1) Shannen Moira - I love the name Shannen and have done for about a year or so now! I like the fact it's Irish and it means "Old And Wise" and think that makes the name more interesting and I have known alot of people called Shannen but someone who I really admire had this name so that's a bonus too. And Moira is to honour a family member of mine! My Great Grandma who passed away in 2008.

    2) Heather Michele - I have always loved the name Heather right from a young age! And Michele just goes so well with the Heather and it's just a bonus someone I really admire has this name.

    3) Vada Margaret - I always thought the name Vada was really sweet and was short and simple and it would age well in my opinion too! And Margaret goes so nicely with the Vada! And a character from one of my all time favourite films has this name so that's always good in my opinion.

    4) Connie Quinn - I have always respected the name Connie and thought what a lovely name it was! And then I saw a film and that just boosted the name Connie to now being a name I love. And Quinn just gives the whole name an interesting feel to it and that's just a bonus being someone who I admire has a sister named Quinn.

    5) Dakota Winifred - It has always been a name I loved for some reason and I know alot of famous people with this name and it's also a bonus there is a place in America called Dakota! I would love to go to America. And the Winifred is to honour my Great Grandma as her middle name was Winifred and I loved her! But she sadly passed away in 2008 as I said in the top names middle name.

    So what's yours?
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    Anya Cordelia ~ Cressida Hope.

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    In no particular order..

    My Top 5 Boys
    Gideon Conrad (Gid-E-en Kon-rad) - Just absolutely love the flow of this. It sounds so masculine, burly, and handsome. It feels dutiful, loyal, and honest. And in no way unisex, not in the least. You read this name somewhere, and you know it's a man.
    Willem Fredrik (Will-em Freh-drick) - I love the name William, but in my accent it's pronounced Will-yum, and I don't find that pleasing to the ear. Willem, the Dutch variant, is so much more smooth; it's damn near silk. And Fredrik is a homage to my Swedish roots. Both are very masculine, smooth, and very handsome.
    Beau Lionel (Bow Lie-nul) - Simple, handsome, attractive, manly, one of my absolute favorites. Simple, too. But not.. common.
    Augustus Oliver (Aw-gus-tus Ol-ih-vurr) - So old fashioned, so vintage, so masculine, so heroic. Also comes with the desirable nickname "Gus".
    Jude Malcolm (Jood Mal-cum) - This one is a bit shy, a little bit bashful, and a bit more introverted than the others on my list. But very handsome, and sweet.

    My Top 5 Girls
    Maeva Pauliina (May-vuh Pow-LEE-nah) - LOVE the name Maeva. I'm not a fan of simple "Maeve" because to me it sounds too close to "Mae" which I have negative connotations with. With Maeva, you can hear the "v" easily, it's dominant. And it's very close to a name I love that's way too popular for me to want to use. (Ava) Pauliina adds enough spunk, spice, and femininity to it that I'm just head over heels.
    Atarah Maelie (Uh-tarr-uh May-lee) - I absolutely adore Atarah. So elegant, gorgeous, unheard of, and beautiful. I am in love with the meaning of these two names, especially together. Atarah meaning crown, and Maelie meaning princess. How precious. ♥
    Celia Rosemond (Seel-yah Rose-mund) - Sweet as pie. Genuine, loving, sincere, girly, and so feminine. Loveeee.
    Nahla Corinne (Nahl-uh KO-rin) - Just gorgeous. Easy to say, fun to say, a joy to hear.
    Freya Laurette (Fray-uh Lore-ETT) - Loveee this one a lot. The flow is spectacular, and I adore the name Freya very much, and I love that it's a no-nickname name.

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    I dont even have a top 5 for girls. Girls are extremely hard for me... But Ill try.

    David Walter - David Walter is my boyfriends choice.
    Warren Keith - Warren Keith is my grandfathers name. I'm slightly preferring Wallace to Warren now, though.
    Aubrey Mark - Aubrey is the most handsome boy name I can think of. Mark is a family name.
    Maverick Jon - I was crushing on Maverick since I watched a movie called "Chasing Mavericks". Jon is a family name.
    Gideon Robert - Ive liked Gideon for a while, but pushed it aside. Until I was like "screw it. I love it". Robert is a family name.

    Lorraine Alice: Lorraine will be my first daughters name, its my great grandmothers name. Love it!
    Rosemary: Im not even sure if I like this enough to be in my top 5 names... She'll definitely have a family middle name, though.
    Leo Anthony or Maggie Antonia

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    Meryl Autumn | Esther Ruby | Thea Rose | Helen Rose
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    Not expecting...yet! Just love names!
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