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    Favorites so far are:
    Scarlett Emerson Lora/Lyra (Lyra is a new thought, so not 100% sure on using it yet)
    Scarlett Lorelai - but would want another middle to go with it and I think I'd spell it Loralei to connect with my mom a bit better. (I also love the thought of the nickname Scout for Scarlett since there's very few "nice" possibilities)
    Sloane Michaela Grace is one I hadn't thought of putting together. I like that as well.

    I know I am probably going to stick with Lora/Lyra (possibly Loralei) or Michaela as an honor name. (The other suggestions of Laurel and Michelle were great, but I have aunts with those names and would not want confusion on who she was named for. The spelling of my mom's name is not super common, so I really want to stay as true or close to true as possible to it)
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    Quote Originally Posted by chloe14 View Post
    Hmm I like Scarlett Lyra, but would definitely want another in there. Maybe Scarlett Lyra Grace or Scarlett Lyra Sloane. . .not sure.

    Sloane Lora seems like two long o's together . .not sure of the flow. Maybe with something in between to break up the o sounds
    Helena Michaela seems rhyme y to me.

    Thanks, these have all been great suggestions and have my mind working.
    SMBC Expecting my little sprout August 14, 2015

    My little boy: Grayson James (Gray) or Emmett James
    (I'll decide when I see him ;-))

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    I really like Arden. For combos I focused on using a variety of syllables and endings. There are many 2-syllable names on your list that end in "a". It is short on single syllable names that I like (sorry not a fan of Bay or Sloane) But for good flow you could switch Grace out with another single syllable name. Suggestions: Shae, Hope, Jane...short virtue or nature names would be good here.

    Arden Lorelei Grace
    Avalon Lora/Lyra Grace
    Avonlea "
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