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    Is Thomas automatically a tank engine?

    I've been giving Thomas more consideration lately. It would sound great with the surname and also serve as a reference to where my husband and I met. Just wondering if Thomas the Tank Engine is too prominent among kids to be used these days. (I live in Canada.) Also welcoming general opinions of Thomas.

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    Thomas is a classic with so much more history than a cartoon tank engine. I know of the show but it wouldn't cross my mind if I met a Thomas. It's definitely usable! I like that it has a reference to where you met your husband.
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    Thomas is a great name! It's on my list too as it is my Grandpa's name. Thomas the Tank Engine has definitely NOT taken over the name.

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    Only among 3-6 year olds--and they love it! It's not an issue.

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    Oh, ok. I live in the U.S. so I was like whaaat? I haven't a clue re: the Tank Engine connection, so maybe specific Berries from Canada better answer that. I think of Thomas as a classic boy's name.
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