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    Opinions on these names.........?

    Any thoughts on these name combinations...? Not expecting, just collecting ideas/planning ahead.
    (Two mn due to family tradition). Also thoughts on sibsets inc. Penelope Lavender Belle nn Nellie.

    Matilda Bryony Pearl nn Tilda
    Delphine Hazel Bliss
    Allegra Sylvie Pearl - (live in UK so no medicine issues!) nn Aggie
    Clementine Agnes _______ nn Minnie
    Mirabel Lotus _______ nn Mira
    Ramona Bryony Pearl nn Romy
    Winona Bryony Pearl nn Winnie
    Marcella ___________ nn Marcie

    Rafferty Cedar Wolf nn Raffy or Rafe
    Sullivan Atlas Fox nn Sully
    Jasper Emerson Cole
    Felix Avery Scott
    Forrest _______________
    Roman ______________

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    i like Mirabel Lotus the best. & Marcella ___________ nn Marcie.

    i like cedar and forest.

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    I like all of your boys' names. My favorite is Rafferty Cedar Wolfe. Also like Jasper Emerson Cole.

    For the girls: My favorite full combo is Ramona Bryony Pearl but my favorite single names are Delphine and Marcella.

    I am leery of Matilda and Winona b/c of pop culture and celebrity references. And Allegra is the name of an anti-depression medication; there are commercials on TV for it where I live.
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