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Thread: So Torn

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    I have two children. I got pregnant with my second when my son was 19 months olds and they're a little over 2 years apart. I found the two year age gap to be pretty intense and it was rough being pregnant with a toddler even though the only issue I had with either pregnancy was morning sickness. Now at four and two years old both kids play together pretty well and they're enough on the same level that they both have a lot of the same interests. But the first year after my daughter was born was really rough.
    Both of my labors were really easy by the way . I'm confused what you really want to know. If you're thinking about a second just save all the baby stuff and make the final decision when you're thinking about starting to try for another one. For now you can just be considering it since obviously a lot of things can change things in two years. Definitely wait though because two pregnancies back to back are really rough on the body. I know several people with children very close in age and they all had a rough pregnancy with the second one.
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    Little babies are wonderful, but it is really so much fun watching them get bigger and more capable. My son will be 3 in November and it is amazing to me that we can now sit and have an actual conversation. I mean, conversations about excavators or dinosaurs, but still.

    If we add another child, I would actually like to wait till our first is in school. My cousin did that and said that she loved being able to do all of the same things with the second that she did with the first.

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    My son is 5 and I'm due with #2 in October. I get flack for how spaced they are, but for us, getting to see my son grow and getting to really enjoy that time with him has been awesome. I can now devote my attention to our next son as I did with our first, only now I have an excited little helper who is so excited to teach his little brother so much about the world. I'm really glad we waited. I have friends who have had them so close together and they spend more time stressed and begging for a reprieve than I think even they realize. Waiting at least a couple of years is a good idea. Enjoy your tiny person and really get to know them before adding to the mix. Babies are cute, but they get really amazing as they become even more interactive with the world.
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    Thanks for the helpful advice! I just wanted to hear what others have done/decided to do.

    This really gives me something to think about- it would be nice to wait until Jem starts school! That way, I would have at least part of the day to focus on a newborn! Ive also heard the Other side of the argument- if you wait too long, its like starting all over Again! Although i suppose uou start from scratch no matter what!

    This is why I asked- just getting ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    Young babies are like catnip-- highly addictive.

    Toddlers are about the world's most effective form of birth control. Just wait 6 months and those feelings will subside.
    LOL This comment is so true! Wait until your LO can walk.. the last thing you will be thinking of is another baby! :-)
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