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    WDYT of these names

    If you want to suggest any or mix and match any feel free. Please don't be rude. Some have middle names some don't

    Kristen Joan
    Thea Anne
    Isabella (Bella) Courtney
    Hallie Karina
    Ellie Colleen
    Meredith (Mer)

    Tyler Joseph
    Wyatt Matthew
    Carter Johnathan
    Robert (Rob) Matthew
    Carlisle Joseph
    Benjamin (Benji or Ben)

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    My favorites are Thea Anne and Wyatt Matthew. I like the combos you have made.
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    Hallie Karina is cute!

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    Your lists:
    Kristen Joan - I don't know why but I have always thought both of these names were very pretty and delicate, they pair well.
    Thea Anne - I like this, Thea I fins magical and Anne is a favorite, Theanne though happens when I say it, I might see If Anne could be a middle for another name?
    Isabella (Bella) Courtney - I wouldn't have put these together but I like it, I know a Courtney and she's lovely. As long as your last name doesn't give the initials ICP... Sounds juvenile I know but that's school children for you... I really like them together.
    Hallie Karina - I think this could be where you put Anne, Hallie Anne I think is fantastic. I love Hallie by the way. Karina I like too but I feel like Hallie does better with Anne.
    Ellie Colleen - I think both are lovely but since they both have LL its a tough combination Ellie Karina I think could be the solution and then Thea Colleen is perfect! I would switch those around like that if I were you, all good names.
    Meredith (Mer) thumbs up. I like Meredith Emily actually I think it words well ...
    Emily thumbs up
    Phoebe I think you could pair it with June , Phoebe June is very pretty.

    Tyler Joseph :-)
    Wyatt Matthew
    Carter Johnathan :-)
    Robert (Rob) Matthew I'm not sure if I prefer Wyatt Matthew or Robert Matthew but I like Joseph Matthew if I can move things around a bit
    Carlisle Joseph also alright but I like them first and middle switched more.
    Tobias :-D
    Benjamin (Benji or Ben) love Benjamin! Benjamin Tyler or Benjamin Robert?

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    Kristen Joan- IMO this sounds a bit dated....
    Thea Anne - Very nice, I love Thea in particular.
    Isabella (Bella) Courtney - I like Isabella but prefer Belle as a nn.
    Hallie Karina- Like Hallie, not keen on Karina but think this flows well.
    Ellie Colleen- Very sweet.
    Meredith (Mer) - I like this! Quite unexpected but still familiar.
    Emily - Love Emily
    Phoebe - Very nice, although may be becoming 'trendy'...

    Tyler Joseph- Not keen on Tyler, like Joseph.
    Wyatt Matthew - Like this a lot.
    Carter Johnathan - Love Carter.
    Robert (Rob) Matthew
    Carlisle Joseph - I find Carlisle intriguing in the best way! Would love to meet one.
    Tobias - Very cool
    Barrett - ditto
    Benjamin (Benji or Ben)[/QUOTE]- I like the nn Benji, I think its much spunkier than Ben.

    I think you have some really nice names here!

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