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    Nicknames for Henry?

    So OH and I have talked and decided that out of all the family names we might consider Henry as a first name if we can find a nickname we both like for it to distinguish him from the other Henrys, Harrys, and Hals. Hank has been vetoed several times over. I've seen Huck suggested as an alternative to Hank but it seems like reaching for a nickname.
    Any ideas?

    EDIT:I added a poll after finding a few options I like. All are legitimate variations of Henry or nicknames derived from other variations. Would any of these seem odd or unusable?
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    I love the nickname Huck for Henry. I adore Henry.

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    I love Huck as a nickname for Henry!
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    I love Hank as a nickname for Henry, but since that option is out, I think Huck could work just fine.
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    Hen or H (Aitch)?

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