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    Name for second son

    We have a 6 year old boy, Edward James (EJ/Eddie) and we're having another boy in November. EJ's name was easy as we both agreed on Edward pretty quickly and James is a family name for both my husband and myself. We have plenty of names on our list but w're just struggling to find 'the one'.

    We like:

    I also liked Isaac, Nathan/Nathaniel, Daniel but OH said no and we also both like Joseph, Harry & Henry but we can't use them. We also like Jacob but.. yeah... with an Edward? Nope.

    While we like them all I'm just not getting the 'it' feeling with any of them. I love our E's name and I always have done and so I'm getting scared about not finding one I love as much. My OH says I'm over thinking it and when he's born, one will just feel right and I know he's right to some extent because I do tend to worry to much.

    I'd love to hear what you think of the names on our list! And if you have any suggestions then I'd be extremely happy to hear them!

    TIA x

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    Louis (LOU-ee) is great! Louis Charles or Louis Alexander are my picks from your list. But, I might look for something more unusual for the middle spot. Alexander Clive, Charles Dashiell, Louis Siffroid.

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    Thank you! Louis Alexander is actually one of my favourites! And I love Dashiell!
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    Congratulations, Marie!

    Edward James {and} Louis Alexander/Charles, Thomas Alexander/Charles, William Alexander/Charles

    {"core classic" names}

    Additional ideas: Albert, Francis, Frederick, George, John, Patrick, Philip, Theodore
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    I like Thomas William. Edward James & Thomas William make a great sib set. I also like Benjamin Andrew & Samuel Alexander. You have a great list!
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