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    Help! how would you spell this nickname?

    Fall semester starts for me tomorrow and I have decided that I'm going to request to go by Allie/Ally instead of Alyssa. My issue is that I can't settle on how to spell my new nickname. It seems as though Allie is the more common way but I'm thinking Ally makes more sense coming from Alyssa since they share the same letters. Or is Aly the obvious answer? Aly looks incomplete to me though...
    Alli is not an option (long story behind that)

    I'm probably overthinking, but I just don't want this new nickname to have as many spelling and pronunciation issues as the name Alyssa

    Help please
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    I'd go with Aly as it's closest to your name (which is lovely!).

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    I think Ally is most intuitive. Although if you're going for a nickname without spelling difficulties, Lissa might be the way to go.

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    I'd go for Ally, since I also feel that Aly seems incomplete. But you have a beautiful name and I don't see how can people spell it wrong!
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    Ally seems best.
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