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    I would stick with June, personally. Faye and June are a really great pair. Nova and Nola (Nova in particular!) are much more modern than both June and Faye, and I feel like June is just a better "match". Nola's okay (although I've never been a huge fan, but my mother is, lol! If she had a fourth daughter today, I'm sure she'd name her Nola!), and I like it much more than Nova, and Faye and Nola are okay together; I just think June works a bit better. For what it's worth, I was unaware of the Irish roots (although it does make sense). I had always heard it as a nn for either Noelle or Magnolia, neither of which are Irish. But with Fionnuala (sp?), it definitely does make sense.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks so much everyone for the input. I would agree that Nova is a little too out there for me, too.

    I think it is down to Nola and June.

    Both are beautiful and I may possibly be the most indecisive person on the planet so it's going to be hard.

    We are from the Midwest so whenever we tell people our name choices they are shocked because they're more unique. Love this site for all of the wonderful users and helpful opinions!!

    Keep them coming!

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    June! Can't go wrong with a classic. Nova and Nola both seem trendy

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    I would absolutely double-name her, and call her Nola June.

    Faye and Nola June sound like great sisters.

    ps. Nova June sounds too 'monthy' for me... November June...

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    I think June goes the best with Faye. I do like. Nola as well. Nova seems like a completely different style than Faye.
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