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    Sister sister :)

    So, we had decided on the name June for our second baby girl (Big sis is Faye)...then husband has to go and flip through the baby name book and find another beautiful name and now we are unsure what to name her.

    The name is Nola. Love that it is unique and is Gaelic (my heritage is 50% Irish) but I still love June....I love that it's simple, older, and classic like Faye.

    The other name he found was Nova, so similar to Nola. Nova is very pretty and elegant, too.

    Nola June is pretty but was hoping for input on Nola vs. June vs. Nova

    Thanks all
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    I prefer Nola. I love that Nola reminds me of New Orleans (LA), and June seems cute, but brief. I love Juno, Junie, Djuna, but if it's just June, I'd put it in the middle spot.

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    June is a solid, lovely name. Nola is sweet, but seems like a shortening to me. Nova is a no-go for me. It's the name of a car, and a science series on television.
    June Magnolia is hardly a compromise, as it sounds very pretty if you might be looking for a combo. Anyway, my pick is June.

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    Nola has my vote. It's very cute and will carry well throughout the years. I'm not a big fan of June in the first place, and I just think the connection to your heritage is really special and something to consider.
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    I LOVE Nola so it gets my vote. I think it's a perfect "fitting in, but standing out" name. It shares elements with the more popular Nora and Lola, but feels distinctive and different.

    That said, I think June is lovely as well so it's really a win-win no matter which name you choose. Nola June is perfection I think

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