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    Not exactly name regret but just wondering...

    We named our daughter Sabrina and I like it fine (her daddy's choice) but at the last minute I lobbied for Seren. Hubby said it sounded too much like Sarin gas so I dropped it... but just wondering... if you only had those two names to choose from... what name would YOU have chosen? Maybe if I had a good middle for it I could have talked him into Seren.

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    Seren is pronounced as 'seh-ren' right? Doesn't seem similar to Sarin. I would pick Seren because its more unique (unless you're in Wales) and it has the meaning of 'star' which I like Probably would prefer Seren because I have a friend by that name.

    I'm actually fine towards Sabrina. It's sweet though it sounds witchy haha! But I still like it Perhaps you could use Seren for your second girl?
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    I would have picked Sabrina because I think it's a sweet and lovely name that is not used enough any more.
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    Sabrina is a timeless classic and always sophisticated, so of course I'd pick her.

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    I would choose Sabrina - a lovely Celtic name.

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