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    esquared - You can make it!! It must be so tough, but totally worth it! I'm torn already and we're not even TTC for another couple of months! Haha
    I think I'll be disappointed in myself if I find out because I have always, always said I'd want to be surprised. I am such a planner, but I also love surprises and I think it's more important to plan for a BABY-not get caught up in the whole gender specific stuff. I'm just nervous the Dr. will slip or I'll notice something on an ultrasound, etc. and it will get ruined anyway :/
    Ps. Love your girls' names!! Maeve is my #1 name atm

    frobskottle - I don't think that's silly, I agree. As horrible as the worst-case scenario is, I've seen it happen and I've given thought to it. I am sure I would change the name if the unthinkable were to happen..
    Maeve Josephine 5.23.15 <3

    Violet . Isla . Lilah . Lucy / Mairead . Mary . Marie . Jane <3

    Donovan . Ronan . Colin . Pierce . James / August . John . William . Kevin . Kieran . Forde . <3

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