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    I love Lilia, it was on my short list but will have to wait for next baby now. I think it's a beautiful combo, much fresher than if you were to use Lily Charlotte for example.
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    I adore Lilia (also Lily, Lily Anne, and Lillian). I have Lilia Rose on my short list. I love how Lilia just rolls off the tongue.

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    I love Lilia and I love the combo Lilia Charlotte.

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    Very pretty!

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    Both names are nice, and I am partial to Charlotte, but I don't like them together and I'm not sure why. Normally I like repetition, but there is something difficult about those L's right together for me.
    These sound sweeter to me:

    Charlotte Lane
    Charlotte Lorraine or Lorraine Charlotte
    Lilly-Ann Charlotte
    Annalise Charlotte

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