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    Lilia Charlotte?

    I've recently added this name to my girls list and I'd like to hear some opinions of it so tell me your honest thoughts and opinions and be as detailed as you can! =)

    Pronunciation: Lilia = LILY-AH

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    caty_beth89 Guest
    I like Lilia a lot. I wouldn't choose it personally because there are sooo many Lily/Lilly/Lillian names in use right now, but it's really nice to hear one that's a bit different. Charlotte is classic and lovely and makes a great middle name. I like the combo. :-)

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    Honestly, it's a bit soft for my tastes. Layla Charlotte would give it a strong vowel sound, while retaining all the girlyness, but I'd go farther to reform it...Layla Charlize? She sounds girly/pretty but with a bad@ss side.

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    I think Lilia is sweet, though I prefer Liliana. It is soft and sweet.

    Lilia Imogen would be an adorable combo.
    Lauren B.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I like Lilia Charlotte a lot! Very sweet. I always toy around with Lilia but never commit to it; right now Lillian is the Lily name on my own list. I used to strongly dislike it, despite Lilia's very pretty and dainty image--all I could see was cilia, like those little hairs that line your throat? Yeah. It was pretty gross to me, lol. But then I wrote a short story about a family in Warsaw, Poland, during WWII, and the little girl in my story was named Lilija (the Polish spelling, I think), and I started to really like it. I still really like it, and it feels very summery and dainty and sweet, but I feel like I'll always revert back to either Lillian or Liliana for my own list. I do like it a lot, though, and I think Lilia Charlotte is a brilliant combo (probably biased in favor of the fact that I've very seriously considered Lillian Charlotte for my own Lily combo!).

    Good luck!

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