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    Benjamin Michael Seewald
    Jessa Lauren Seewald

    Tobias Bob Seewald
    Nathaniel Benjamin Seewald
    Addison Michelle Seewald
    Jefferson Boggs Seewald/Jimmy-Bob Boggs Seewald
    Savannah Mary Seewald
    Avery Maeve Seewald
    Malachi Black Seewald
    Sophia Magdalene Seewald
    Gabrielle May/Gideon Boaz Seewald
    Brianna Mackynzie Seewald
    Elijah Bernard Seewald/Elias Bernard Seewald
    Zachary Bram Seewald

    Boggs and Black are surnames on the Duggar family tree.

    Toby, Nate, Addie, Jeff, Jimmy-Bob, Savannah, Avery, Malachi, Sophia, Gabby, Brie, Elijah, Elias and Zack
    Mother to: Patrick Werner (3/10) , Mary Claire (06/12) and Margaret Rose (05/15)

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    LN: Seewald

    DH: Benjamin Nathanael
    DW: Jessa Lauren (Duggar)

    Roll to find out how many births they have: 9 births

    Caroline Austin
    Christopher Jordan
    Claire Dylan & Cory Devin
    Caley Quinn & Cathryn Spencer
    Chelsea Jaimie
    Cedric Ryan
    Connie Jude
    Charles Alex
    Cyril Blake & Cyrus Aiden

    Roll to find out what theme to use for the children's first names: same letter
    Roll to find out what theme to use for the children's middle names: unisex

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    Benjamin Greg and Jessa Lauren Seewald
    (10 births, first names are nicknames, girls' middle names start with m, boys' middle names start with e)
    I predict some unusual spellings and disregard for the general consensus that siblings' names should not rhyme.

    DS/DS/DD: Eddie Emmett, Pete Edward, Emmy Michelle,
    DS: Ben "Junior" Elliot
    DD/DS: Lou Evan, Liza Madisyn
    DS: Freddie Eli
    DS/DS: Robby Ean, Bob East
    DD: Gwin Melissa
    DD/DD: Libby Makenna, Lizzy Mckinley
    DD: Rosie May
    DD/DD: Addie Morgan, Izzy Mirabelle
    DD: Penny Meadow

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    DH: Benjamin Theodore Seewald.
    DW: Jessa Lauren Seewald (Duggar).

    1. Aiden Jordan Seewald.
    2. Sophia Laura Seewald.
    3. Christopher Jasper Seewald.
    4. Cressida Olivia Seewald.
    5. Paisley Ashley Seewald.
    6. Isabelle Catherine Seewald.

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