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    Another pen name post

    Okay, rate these names:

    Anne Sinclair
    Anne Penman
    Anne Seeley
    Anne Curtis
    Anne Tahoe
    Anne Steel

    Any other suggestions?
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    Anne Sinclair- Anne Sinclair is a French and American television host (and writer for Huffington Post), so I think it would be difficult to break into the market with this name.
    Anne Penman- Screams pen name, and not in a good way.
    Anne Seeley- Sounds a bit too close to Anne Silly. However, it is my favourite of the names you have, and I do see the appeal of the surname, it just sounds a bit too fluid (?) with Anne.
    Anne Curtis- Anne Curtis is already a celebrity of sorts, so it would be hard to break into the market (particularly on the internet) with this name.
    Anne Tahoe- Nobody really associated with this name, but it does feel a bit awkward to say.
    Anne Steel- There has already been a famous writer / hymn writer named Anne Steele, so I wouldn't do this. Plus, most people immediately associate the last name Steel and writing with Danielle Steel, and I personally wouldn't want to try and counteract this image.

    Maybe Anne Seal? Anne Clyde, Anne Flint, Anne Zinc, Anne Abbott, Anne Irving, Anne Quarry, Anne Tab, Anne Ivo?
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    Anne Sinclair: I feel like you need an initial between these to break up the shortness of it. E.G Anne F. Sinclair
    Anne Penman: Anything with pen in it feels to cheesy for a pen name.
    Anne Seeley: This is ok.
    Anne Curtis: I hear 'anchor'.
    Anne Tahoe: Not a fan of this.
    Anne Steel: This is ok, but there's a character in '50 Shades of ****' called Ana Steel.

    I like Anne Sinclair and Anne Seeley the best. Are you set on Anne? Anna Sinclair has a slightly better flow to it. Maybe try a longer surname?

    Anne Merriweather
    Anne Seebright
    Anne Copperwaite

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    I agree with renrose, I think it needs a longer last name to spark it up a bit.
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    Anne Sullivan? I'm not super up to date with celebrities, so if that's already someone's name *whoops*

    As far as the ones you have go:

    Anne Sinclair: I like the last name Sinclair a lot, but I personally don't like the first name Anne with it. I agree with renrose, an initial might help.

    Anne Penman: I once again second everyone else's opinions. Seems cheesy for a pen name.

    Anne Seeley: Eh. I don't know. It's okay.

    Anne Curtis: This is my favorite.

    Anne Tahoe: No.

    Anne Steel: Not a super big fan of this either.
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