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    I remember joining another baby name site (parentsconnect) about 5 or so years ago while I was looking for some names for some stories I was writing. I had always loved names, though, so I stayed because of that. As the site became crappier and crappier, someone suggested I go to nameberry (a copule people, actually!), but I didn't want to go, because I loved the other site so much.

    I had an idea of how I wanted my life to go after college, though (although it hasn't gone like that at all, lol!), and as I got close to college graduation, I had planned that 3 years after my graduation, I would start looking into the adoption process, because I had planned to adopt on my own. I wanted a higher level of name feedback, so I posted my list on Nameberry. I found I was really nonplussed by the community--it seemed almost clique-ish to me, and I didn't really feel welcome. I stuck around a little, but left for almost a year. I came back when PC all but died, and I feel fine here now, although I'm a little bit sad that people are still quite uppity when it comes to popular names. I don't see anything wrong with Isabelle, Lillian, Eva, Caleb, Jack, and Olivia, but maybe that's just me. I like my unusual names, too (Emmeline, Madelief, Arianne, Anahi, Mireya, Odilia!).

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    I've had a life long name obsession and was always googling names to find out meanings, history etc, just stumbled upon it on a search one day!
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    I looked up Baby Name Games on Google and this was the only site where the games were actually fun. I went through an entire game of about 40 pages answering to myself. In order to actually post on a thread I had to get an account so I did. Best decision I ever made, really.
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    I was looking up what I was going to name my son when I was pregnant and found your site he is 2 years and 8 months now and I think love names and keeping up to date with what's trending etc...

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    I was doing some research on Spanish names and found a definition for Adelina here as it was one of the first results. I lurked around the forum for a bit and was considering joining a little bit before I actually did, although finally created an account in February (it feels like I've been a member here for ages though ). The thing that appealed to me the most about Nameberry at the time was the option of putting your favourite names into a signature for all to see, and also how younger members were treated with respect, and people don't consider it weird that they're posting here when they're not pregnant and far from having children.
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