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    10 Moms have a book club on Thursday nights. Currently they are reading Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman and are halfway through.

    Name: Deanne Tamara Northen
    Husband: Edward Steven Northen
    Occupation: Deanne works in fashion retail, Edward owns his own business.
    DD (11): Darcy Eliza Northen
    DS/DS (9): Nathan Eric Northen/Logan Michael Northen
    DD (5): Zoey Michelle Northen
    DS (3): Alfie James Northen
    DD (nb): Kylee Georgia Northen
    Name: Rachael Louise Sutton
    Husband: Steven Kirk Sutton
    Occupation: Rachael is a 2nd grade teacher, Steven is a physiotherapist
    DD/DD/DD (14): Alice Louise Sutton/Carrie Emily Sutton/Emma Mae Sutton
    DS/DS/DS (8): George Alexander Sutton/Isaac Drew Sutton/Krew Robert Sutton
    DD/DD/DS (4): Maisie Eileen Sutton/Olivia Amy Sutton/Quixley Frederick Sutton
    Name: Michaela Barbara Anderson
    Husband: Nico Alexander Anderson
    Occupation: Michaela is a stay-at-home mum, Nico is a mechanic
    DD (6): Ruby Elise Anderson
    DS (2): Oliver Martin Anderson
    Name: Hailey Tamera Cameronson
    Life Partner: Isadora Stacy Drew
    Occupation: Hailey is a public speaker, Isadora works at a taxi cab company
    ADS (7): Matthew Taylor Cameronson-Drew
    Name: Lisanne Perrie Nixon
    Husband: Mattias Oliver Nixon
    Occupation: Lisanne is a nurse, Mattias is a maths tutor.
    DS (9): Ryan Oliver Nixon
    DD/DD (7): Sacha Rae Nixon/Destiny Nicole Nixon
    DS (4): Adam Jude Nixon
    DS (1): Brayden Alex Nixon
    Name: Carolina Nicole Aarons
    Husband: (Deceased) Daniel Matthew Adams
    Occupation: Carolina is a personal shopper.
    DD (8): Jaimie Alissa Aarons
    DD (4): Robyn Vanessa Aarons
    DD (2): Casey Olivia Aarons
    DD (nb): Shania-Danielle Aarons
    Name: Tabitha Bethany Starks
    Husband: Simon Carl Starks
    Occupation: Tabitha is an actress, Simon is a movie producer.
    DD/DD (11): Jade Bethany Starks/Lauren Kayla Starks
    DD (6): Katie Alyss Starks
    Name: Victoria Claire Rivera
    Fiancee: William Barnaby Quintera
    Occupation: Victoria is a published childrens author, William is a chef.
    DS/DS/DS (3): Joseph Gordon Quintera/Jayden Aaron Quintera/Justin Ross Quintera
    Name: Katelynn Irene Terry
    Husband: Lindon Harold Terry
    DD (9): Sophie Janelle Terry
    DD (6): Lorna Kathleen Terry
    DS (3): Xavier Peter Terry
    DS/DS (nb): Braxton Stanley Terry/Bradley Steven Terry
    Name: Emmeline Kate Grace
    Husband: Finian Jorge Grace
    DD: (12): Summer Ellen Grace
    DD (9): Alianna Elizabeth Grace
    DS/DD (7): Jaxon Robert Grace/Savannah Wren Grace
    DS (5): Jacob Gregory Grace
    DD (4): Britton Louise Grace
    DS (2): Sebastian Jack Grace

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    10 Moms have a book club on Thursday nights. Currently they are reading [You Pick Book] and are halfway through.
    Each mom is pictured and given initials. Name the husbands/life partners, the kids (detailed below), and the occupation.

    Name: Dree Temperance Nolan
    Husband: Eric Sebastian Nolan
    Occupation: Both Dree and Eric are lawyers.
    DD: Rosalie Emma Nolan (11)
    DS/DS: Noah Vincent Nolan & James Raymond Nolan (9)
    DD: Olive Eliza Nolan (5)
    DS: Felix Luke Nolan (3)
    DD: Isla Isobel Nolan (nb)

    [Dree, Eric & thir kids: Rosie, Noah, Jamie, Olive, Felix & Isla.]

    Name: Reagan Louise Sampson
    Husband: Spencer Kristopher Sampson
    Occupation: Reagan is an interior designer, Spencer is an architect
    DD/DD/DD: Grace Anna Sampson, Alexis Elise Sampson & Emily Lucy Sampson (14)
    DS/DS/DS: Nicholas Jacob Sampson, Gabriel Tobias Sampson & William Thomas Sampson (8)
    DD/DD/DS: Hope Alexandra Sampson, Florence Audrey Sampson & Theodore Joseph Sampson (4)

    [Reagan, Spence & their kids: Gracie, Alexis, Emmy, Nick, Gabe, Liam, Hope, Florrie & Theo.]

    Name: Monica Blair Avery
    Husband: Nanthaniel Axel Avery
    Occupation: Monica is an artist, Nate is a film producer.
    DD: Penrose Emmanuelle Avery (6)
    DS: Anderson Nathaniel Avery (2)

    [Monica, Nate & their kids: Penny & Andy.]

    Name: Heidi Tamara Caswell
    Life Partner: India Stephanie Dillion
    Occupation: Heidi is an accountant, India is a copywriter.
    ADS: Benjamin Leon Caswell-Dillion (7)

    [Heidi, India & Benny.]

    Name: Lydia Penelope Newman
    Husband: Marco Owen Newman
    Occupation: Lydia is a photographer, Marco is a musician.
    DS: Zion Elijah Newman (9)
    DD/DD: Holland Maria Newman & Scotland Jane Newman (7)
    DS: Archer Bennett Newman (4)
    DS: Alaric Alcott Newman (1)

    [Lydia, Marco & thir kids: Zion, Holly, Scottie, Arch & Rick.]

    Name: Caroline Natalie Addison
    Husband: (Deceased) Damon Milo Addison
    Occupation: Caroline runs a small diner.
    DD: Clementine Julia Addison (8)
    DD: Seraphina Pearl Addison (4)
    DD: Arabella Mathilda Addison (2)
    DD: Elinor Josephine Addison (nb)

    [Carrie & her children with late Damon: Clem, Phina, Bella & Ellie.]

    Name: Tabitha Belle Smith
    Husband: Simon Caleb Smith
    Occupation: Tabitha and Simon are doctors.
    DD/DD: Katherine Ivy Smith & Charlotte Ida Smith (11)
    DD: Vivienne Isla Smith (6)

    [Tabby, Simon & their kids: Kate, Lottie & Vienne.]

    Name: Valentina Clare Rupert
    Fiancee: William Brennan Quinn
    Occupation: Valentina is a journalist and William is a software developer.
    DS/DS/DS: Samuel Rupert Quinn, Jackson Robert Quinn & Maxwell Robin Quinn (3)

    [Vale, Will & their kids: Sam, Jack & Max.]

    Name: Kendall Isabelle Truman
    Husband: Louis Henry Truman
    Occupation: Ken is a socialite and runs a fashion blog. She also works as a buyer. Louis is the chairman of a conglomerate company.
    DD: Violet Scarlet Truman (9)
    DD: Sienna Marguerite Truman (6)
    DS: Dominic Hugo Truman(3)
    DS/DS: Victor Harrison Truman & Peter Beckett Truman (nb)

    [Ken, Louis & their kids: Violet, Sienna, Nick, Vic & Pete.]

    Name: Evelyn Kathleen Grey
    Husband: Frederick John Grey
    Occupation: Evelyn is an art manager and runs a few galleries in the area. Her husband Fred is a politician.
    DD: Elsa Cordelia Grey (12)
    DD: Mabel Josephine Grey (9)
    DS/DD: Charles Bartholomew Grey & Bridget Constance Grey (7)
    DS: Oliver Pierce Grey (5)
    DD: Agatha Evangeline Grey (4)
    DS: Cyrus Flynn Grey (2)

    [Evelyn, Fred & their children: Elsa, Mae, Chuck, Bridie, Ollie, Aggy & Cyrus.]
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    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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    The book: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

    Name: Desiee Tallulah Neilson
    Job: Nutrionist
    Husband: Ethan Samuel Neilson
    Job: Doctor
    DD11: Camilla Anne
    DS/DS9: James Alan & John Edward
    DD5: Ashlea Diane
    DS3: Ryan Travis
    DDnb: Moira Kristine
    Name: Rebecca Leigh Saunders
    Job: Accountant
    Husband: Stephen Kirby Saunders
    Job: Lawyer
    DD/DD/DD14: Leah Danielle, Lori Elizabeth, & Lucy Faith
    DS/DS/DS8: Kent Greyson, Kirby Hunt, & Kyle Irving
    DD/DD/DS4: Katie Jo, Rachel Kelly, & Logan Matthew
    Name: Mallory Belinda Adams
    Job: Secretary
    Husband: Nathan Austin Adams
    Job: Accountant
    DD6: Ginger Lee Adams
    DS2: Graham Levi Adams
    Name: Heather Talia Colbert
    Job: Nurse
    Life Partner: Isabelle Shannon Davidson
    Job: Interior Designer
    ADS7: Riley James Colbert-Davidson
    Name: Lupita Paloma Nuniez
    Husband: Mario Obiron Nuniez
    DS9: Antonio Rafael
    DD/DD7: Isabella Graciela & Maria Anastasia
    DS4: Javier Pedro
    DS1: Diego Juan
    Name: Camilla Nicole Anderson
    Job: Loan Manager
    Husband: (Deceased) Damien Michael Anderson
    DD8: Whitney Joanne
    DD4: Zoey Lauren
    DD2: Taylor Kennedy
    DDnb: Molly Ilene
    Name: Tiffany Blake Summers
    Job: SAHM
    Husband: Shane Christopher Summers
    Job: CEO
    DD/DD11: Allison Danielle & Amanda Delilah
    DD6: Aurora Destiny
    Name: Vivianne Christine Rodgers
    Job: Teacher
    Fiancee: Wesley Bradford Quinlan
    Job: Construction Foreman
    DS/DS/DS3: Andrew Wesley, Benjamin Christopher, & David Bradford
    Name: Katanya Isabel Throckmorton
    Job: Waitress
    Husband: Lucas Hillard Throckmorton
    Job: Bartender
    DD9: Dani Jo
    DD6: Kaci Lynn
    DS3: Eli Tate
    DS/DSnb: Toby Ray & Zach Lee
    Name: Erin Kelly Greyson
    Job: Travel Agent/WAHM
    Husband: Felix James Greyson
    Job: Insurance Agent
    DD12: Meghan Cecilie
    DD9: Serena Anne
    DS/DD7: Nicholas Paul & Olivia Ellory
    DS5: Tyler Jack
    DD4: Penelope Rose
    DS2: Sawyer Wayne

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    10 Moms have a book club on Thursday nights. Currently they are reading [You Pick Book] and are halfway through.
    Each mom is pictured and given initials. Name the husbands/life partners, the kids (detailed below), and the occupation.
    Name: Darcy Therese Niemann
    Husband: Evan Scott Niemann
    Occupation: Saleswoman
    DD: Camille Rose 11
    DS/DS Tate Benjamin / Everett John 9
    DD Elsa Mariah 5
    DS Colin Jeremiah 3
    DD Teagan Liliana nb
    Name: Robyn Lynn Silverman
    Husband: Seth Kevin Silverman
    Occupation: High school English teacher
    DD/DD/DD14 Juliana Ruth / Kate Elizabeth / Charlotte Faith
    DS/DS/DS8 Isaac Edward / Jack Thomas / Eric Daniel
    DD/DD/DS4 Lucy June / Mila Sophia / Anderson Kyle

    Name: Mary Bianca Adelman
    Husband: Nathan Andrew Adelman
    Occupation: Preschool teacher
    DD6 Helena Celeste
    DS2 Sawyer Crew
    Name: Hollie Taylor Cole
    Life Partner: Ian Scott Darius
    Occupation: Pediatrician
    ADS7 Hudson Jude
    Name: Lauren Paige Nicholas
    Husband: Mark Owen Nicholas
    Occupation: Lawyer
    DS9 Dominic James
    DD/DD7 Jasmine Elaine / Arianna Brooke
    DS4 Dane Emmett
    DS1 Preston Alan
    Name: Carrie Nicole Ayers
    Husband: (Deceased) David Michael Ayers
    Occupation: Secretary
    DD8 Alia Marie
    DD4 Scarlett Anne
    DD2 Kaya Elizabeth
    DDnb Thalia Alyssa
    Name: Tatum Bethany Sinclair
    Husband: Steven Colton Sinclair
    Occupation: Journalist
    DD/DD11 Kinsley Jade / Paisley Faye
    DD6 Ellie Patricia
    Name: Victoria Cate Reinhart "Tori"
    Fiancee: Wesley Beau Quinn
    Occupation: Professor
    DS/DS/DS3 Keegan Scott / Oliver Sean / Miles Joseph
    Name: Kara Isabel Triton
    Husband: Lewis Heath Triton
    Occupation: SAHM
    DD9 Grace Savannah
    DD6 Samantha Sage
    DS3 Parker Thomas
    DS/DSnb Theodore Alvin "Theo" / Sebastian True
    Name: Emma Katherine Grant
    Husband: Frederick James Grant "Fred"
    Occupation: Store manager
    DD12 Phoebe Sue
    DD9 Vada Mae
    DS/DD7 Jed Kinston / Rosalie Quinn
    DS5 Ryder Blaine
    DD4 Mira Vanessa
    DS2 Beckham Tucker

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    10 Moms have a book club on Thursday nights. Currently they are reading Ready Player One and are halfway through.

    Erin Sloane Newsom (fashion blogger) & Derek Thomas Newsom (American history professor):
    DD: Emmeline Charlotte Newsom (11)
    DS/DS: Foster Mason & Caleb Tanner Newsom (9)
    DD: Hadley Greer Newsom(5)
    DS: Declan James Newsom (3)
    DD: Georgia Violet Newsom (newborn)

    Robyn Lenora Spencer (interior designer) & Samuel Kyle Spencer (restaurant owner):
    DD/DD/DD: Emma Claire, Avery Lauren & Willow Rose Spencer (14)
    DS/DS/DS: Logan Elliott, Wyatt Jackson & Tucker Ryan Spencer (8)
    DD/DD/DS: Genevieve Alexis, Hannah Jane & Preston Michael Spencer (4)

    Meredith Blair Abbott (TV script writer) & Nathaniel Alexander Abbott (director):
    DD: Norah Elise Abbott (6)
    DS: Miles Andrew Abbott (2)

    Helena Thalia Cruz (lawyer) & Iona Simone Dawkins (baker):
    DS: Connor Isaac Dawkins-Cruz (7)

    Lena Priscilla Nivera (model) & Marc Oliver Nivera (photographer):
    DS: Luca Maddox Nivera (9)
    DD/DD: Rosalie Faith & Sophia Hope Nivera (7)
    DS: Cruz Lincoln Nivera (4)
    DS: Emilio Carter Nivera (1)

    Courtney Nadia Amerson (real estate agent) & Dean Matthew Amerson (deceased):
    DD: Lorelei Rose "Rory" Amerson (8)
    DD: Ella Grace Amerson (4)
    DD: Kennedy Paige Amerson (2)
    DD: Penelope Olivia Amerson (newborn)

    Tatum Brandy "Tate" Standridge (personal trainer) & Stephen Charles Standridge (graphic designer):
    DD/DD: Harper Quinn & Cassidy Rae Standridge (11)
    DS: Flynn Bradley Standridge (6)

    Veronica Claire Ridley (artist) & William Brian Quincy (veterinarian):
    DS/DS/DS: Alden Wesley, Brendan Scott & Cooper James Quincy (3)

    Kara Iris Thompson (clothing designer) & Lawson Henry Thompson (music producer):
    DD: Ramsey Gwen Thompson (9)
    DD: Vivienne Darcy Thompson (6)
    DS: Archer Knox Thompson (3)
    DS/DS: Keegan Hart & Silas Jude Thompson (newborn)

    Eva Katherine Gregory (wedding planner) & Frank Joseph Gregory (CEO):
    DD: Chloe Paige Gregory (12)
    DD: Julia Whitney Gregory (9)
    DS/DD: Frank Joseph, Jr. "Joey" & Natalie Alexandra Gregory (7)
    DS: Aaron Paul Gregory (5)
    DD: Isabelle Presley Gregory (4)
    DS: Lucas Miles Gregory (2)

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