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    Did you use an ovulation calendar? If so, how well did it work for you?

    Hi, everybody! Hubby and I are trying to get pregnant and I have been using an online ovulation and period tracker. I was mainly wondering if anyone else has been using something like this or some other form. Please tell me if you used an online tracker, if it worked, how long you used it for and if you recommend a certain website.
    If you used another method, please tell me about it.

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    We used Fertility Friend. I like that it has an app for a mobile phone. We also did basal body temping and ovulation predictor kits - to add info to the chart. It took us 2yrs to get pregnant, but that was with 3 losses along the way. I am Type A, so I liked being organized and knowing when to expect things. However, in our case, it took almost giving up and undergoing a move of house for our DD to come along. Good luck!
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    I used a fertility tracker app called Kindara when trying for baby #3 (was still breastfeeding and having up between 25 and 40 day cycles, so needed some sort of tracker). But I didn't do any of the temperature reading along with it. Kindara was good and there were lots of support features and it was free!

    After about 6 months I bought some ovulation tests and they were great at predicting just when it was go time. I would definitely recommend them, took about 2 months to get pregnant after using them.

    Good luck!

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    I signed up the for the Fertility Friend since my AF is all over ranging from 25-30 days which is still normal but prior to our MC I was always 28 days. So I had a hard time figuring it out. But the tracker is still not helping me much so I actually started using OPKS (the digital kind) which I did my first round this month to get a general idea for next month since we will be starting our TTC journey then. It worked out great and pin pointed my two most fertile days and then after your first smiley face or positive you baby dance for the next 48 hours. I know a few people that have used them and got success.

    Good Luck!
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    I only used a simple period tracker called Strawberry Pal, but besides that which was more reliable for me was keeping an eye on my CM, we would start to 'get busy' straight after my period, every 2nd day until after ovulation when I didn't see EWCM anymore (note, I never knew exactly when I ovulated, just kept track of EWCM). The first month of trying I had a chemical pregnancy, I only tried one other month over a week and became pregnant. I guess it all depends on your fertility as well, some women take alot longer than others. Good luck!
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