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    Thoughts on list for baby boy number 2 please?

    I'm drawn to more unusual names, but after going that route with our first son and the issues with spelling and pronunciation that come up all the time I'm thinking less used, however still familiar names for baby boy 2.

    This is our current list
    Arlo (This was a contender for DS1, but never really felt like "it")
    Dominic (One of my husband's favorites. I'm not so crazy about it, esp the nn Dom. DS1 has a saints name, which does make me like this)
    Gabriel (Another my husband really likes, he leans more towards traditional names. Again I like that it's a saints name like DS1)
    Gray (This is a family name on my side, but mainly used for girls and as a middle. I can't think of a good middle to use this as a first)
    Jude (This one seems to work more as a middle for me, I do like it as a first, but not sure what goes as a middle)
    Julian (I like, but not sure how it sounds with the last name)
    Karl (Not sure about this one, but thinking with the last name it might be nice to have a short first name)
    Milo (Like Arlo, I really like the sound of this and the connotation with a favorite childhood story)
    Noah (I love the soft sound of this, but worry it is way too popular, especially with how unusual DS1's name is)
    Phineas (My H and I both like this, and the possible nns)
    Ronan (I more like the meaning of this one, little seal)

    Our first son's name is in my signature and the last name is a double barrel, something like Anderson Kincaid. Part of me worries that if we go for a more popular name for DS2 it won't go well with DS1's name and make his stick out more as very unusual. Thank you for any thoughts!

    Edited to add suggestions based on this list are also very welcome!
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    Please vote on my final two choices, Abel Gray and Milo Jude!

    Naming our second boy this December
    Abel - Arlo - Dominic - Gabriel - Gray - Jude - Julian - Karl - Milo - Noah - Phineas - Ronan
    DS1 Kolbe Elias born July 2013 (first name pronounced COLE-bay)

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    I like Karl and Milo.

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    I like Arlo and Jude.
    We are considering Arlo for our little boy also due in December.

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    I like Arlo, Gabriel, Jude, Julian, and Ronan.

    Arlo Dominic would make a handsome brother for Kolbe. So would Jude Phineas, Gabriel Milo, Julian Gray, and Ronan Karl.
    Lauren B.

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    My favorites would be:

    Arlo Dominic
    Atticus Gray (St. Atticus of Constantinople)
    Theon Gray (St. Theon of Alexandria)

    - or w/ Gray as the fn -
    Gray Atticus
    Gray Theon

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